Madhya Pradesh: Another diktat on girl above ten wearing jeans top
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Madhya Pradesh: Another diktat on girl above ten wearing jeans top

Mali community of Alirajpur in Madhya Pradesh has issued a diktat for the girls above the age of 10 to not wear jeans and a top. This new order is issued ahead of Garba program being celebrated all across the state.

The new order also implied on wearing jeans and top inside the houses or anywhere and sighting the reason that ‘Girl doesn’t look decent’ in the attire.

President of women committee Alirajpur, Majula mali says that men don’t look at women in a decent way and this amendment is done to make our girls understand the problem. The men of the Mali community have given a nod to the decision.

“We have taken this decision because boys don’t see women properly. We want to run this event properly as per our religion and customs,” said Himmat Mali, president of the men community of Alirajpur community.

In the time of #MeToo movement, when women are coming out and speaking against the harassment by men has shaken the society, such orders need to be condemned and opposed by all sections of the society.

Such diktat needs to be rejected in totality and Madhya Pradesh Bhartiya Janata Party-led Shivraj Singh Chouhan government needs to take the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao program seriously. The government also needs to strike down such regressive diktat against women.

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