Maharashtra Bendur 2019: Date, significance of festival to honor farm animals
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Maharashtra Bendur 2019: Date, significance of festival to honor farm animals

India is an agricultural country and farmers holds utmost importance in all economy. For the farmers, their land, farm animals and tools make them who they are. Today in Maharashtra, the festival of Bendur is celebrated.

This year, on July 15 the festival will be celebrated although the dates differ in different parts of the country. On this day, farmers decorate their cattle and treat them like their family members. Also apart from the festival of Bendur, there is another bull festival called the Bail Pola.

Pola is a bull worshipping celebration celebrated by the farmers for the most part in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra and Northern part of Telangana.

Significance of Bendur festival

Despite if modern machines and technologies may have evolved but the farmers still prefer the traditional method for plowing the fields. Cattle animals are used to plow and tread through the soil. Rainy seasons are the time when the hard work begins and it is also the time of maximum labor.

Bendur festival is marked to honor the farm animals by decorating the cattle and parading them through the village. The cattle are made to bath and also their horns are colored and polished.

Celebrations of Bendur

The festival of Bendur celebrates fark animals and the cattle are fed well and given a rest day. Traditional dance and music also held in the villages. The cattle are given a feast and the farmers honor these animals for helping him throughout.  This festival is too celebrated with much fervor and enthusiasm.

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