Major Leetul Gogoi held guilty for consorting with local woman while on duty
India, Jammu & Kashmir

Major Leetul Gogoi held guilty for consorting with local woman while on duty

Major Leetul Gogoi who was accused of being absent from the place of duty while on-duty and for consorting with a local woman during duty has been found guilty by the Army’s Court of Inquiry (CoI). On May 23, the Major was seen was spotted in a Srinagar hotel with a local Kashmiri woman while he was on active service breaching the official army policy. The incident came into light after he, who had gone with another army man Sameer Ahmed and a Kashmiri woman had an argument with the staffs when they refused from letting the woman enter the hotel room. Following this, he was questioned at a police station in Srinagar.

Once the Corps Commander’s approval of the Court of Inquiry’s findings arrives, army authorities will frame charges against Major Gogoi with reference to the relevant provisions of the Army Act. Then it is in their hands to choose what is to be done with him. They can either punish the officer or convoke a court-martial to deal with his case.

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“If Major Gogoi has done something wrong, I assure you, he will be punished and the punishment will be such that it will set an example,” said Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on May 26 in Pahalgam.

Last year Gogoi was appreciated by the Army Chief for his act of tying a civilian to a jeep during the Srinagar bypoll as a “human shield” against stone pelters. According to police, no complaint has been registered so far against the Major, neither the girl has filed any complaint.

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