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Modi has given unemployment to India: Rahul Gandhi

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Modi government at war with Indians, imposing suffocating ideology: Rahul Gandhi
Source: Firstpost

While talking to National Herald recently, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, talked about the current situation of the country under the BJP regime and underscored the challenges that are still faced by the people of India, despite the promises made by the Modi government.

The major concern of the conversation remained on the lack of employment opportunities. Where China produces 12-million jobs in a year and stands as the most efficient job producer in the world, India produces one or two lakh of jobs per year which is not sufficient keeping in mind the population of the country.

He said, “Young people are asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi what happened to his promise – his countless promises, almost every second sentence of the Prime Minister is a feverish promise – of creating two crore jobs a year? Yet all the PM has given India is the highest level of unemployment we’ve faced in the last five years”.

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While further talking about the challenges, he discussed the problem of jobless growth and the related social unrest. In the last 40-50 years, there has been a massive shift of people from rural to urban areas. The problem arises when these people do not get jobs in the cities and are left with no solution as they have already sold out their lands in order to pave their way to city life.

Further, underscoring the anger of these people and how RSS use it for their advantage he said, “The ideology that drives PM Modi, the RSS and BJP uses this anxiety and insecurity to spread anger and hatred. They convert this anxiety into hatred against Muslims, Dalits, other minorities and marginalised people forcing two people – brothers – with common interests and dreams to go into combat with each other. But anger and hatred will not convert into jobs or solutions”.

As UPA and NDA government runs parallel to each other in terms of rivalry, the Congress Vice President also drew the differences in work of both the government. Firstly, he shed light upon MGNREGA which was an initiative by the Congress. He mentioned Right to Food, Right to Education, Right to Information and other Congress born schemes which, according to him, UPA government has not been able to shut it down.

He said, “The UPA built an architecture to ease the pain of this transition by creating a safety net of protection around every citizen. I am happy to see that over the last three years despite their loud and critical speeches, the BJP government may have changed some of their names, but it has not been able to shut down the UPA’s flagship programs”.

While the Congress party sees politics as a process and listens to its people, the BJP talks but it cannot think, he claimed. As per him, the current government has a very narrow and personal idea of development.

“For me, inclusiveness is a priority. I take inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi. His credo was – I embrace and I forgive.  A true Congressperson is someone who cannot carry hatred or anger, and loves and respects the plurality of our nation. Hate can only distract India from the real task at hand,” he added.