Monsoon Skin Care 2019: Here are five skincare changes you need during rains
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Monsoon Skin Care 2019: Here are five skincare changes you need during rains

Monsoon has arrived and the so has the skin problems. Every season, our skin demands something new and one cannot tackle their skin in the same way as they did in summers or winters.

In monsoon, we often complain of skin related problems during rains but we are not properly aware of how to manage and balance that.

To surpass the monsoon season, it is not the soaps and face wash that would help you sail through it but also you need to maintain a proper routine with simple steps to maintain your skin throughout rains.

So as the monsoon season begins, let’s look at the list of five skincare changes you need to do this monsoon season to keep your skin flawless

  • Sunscreen is important

Often people think that as the sun is not out so we should skip using sun-screen. It is very important to change that thinking. The harmful UV rays can catch you anytime. So before you step out of the house, put on some sunscreen.

  • Use toner at night

The reason why skin becomes dull in monsoon is that the ph balance is not present. Rainwater is too acidic and it messes the skin’s ph level. So it is very important to use a toner every morning after face was and before using makeup. Also, it is very important to use toner before going to bed. For those who don’t use toner can use rose water instead.

  • Consume fruits

Fruits are very beneficial for the skin. They help to restore the dehydration everyone faces in monsoon. Although the days feel colder the humidity too increases which leads to dehydration. All those who struggle to drink water can consume fruits instead. It will also keep your body healthy.

  • Shower after you get wet

Another reason which makes the skin dull is rainwater and it can also cause a lot of health issues too. It can lead to causing fungal infection if you don’t shower after getting home from the rain. It is important to scrub the skin well with antibacterial soaps.

  • Remove dead skin cells

To protect your skin from the harmful effects of rainwater, it becomes important to remove the dead skin cells and that can be done by exfoliating. Don’t exfoliate every day but try to do twice a week to maintain the glow.

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