Muslim teenager lashes out in a viral video for being called anti-national
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Muslim teenager lashes out in a viral video for being called anti-national

In a viral video, a Muslim teenager, 18, raised several questions over people calling him an anti-national. A student of class XII, on Tuesday, expressed his anger on Facebook saying, “I am tired of being called a Katua; I am tired of being called Jinnah Ki Aulad; I am tired of being asked to move to Pakistan; I am tired of being called an anti-national”.

Wali Rahmani even asked that what is the problem if he holds Bharat to be the ‘father’ and not ‘mother’.

At the beginning of the video, he explained that this is the 8th video that he is making which is neither scripted nor rehearsed. He said that this is an extempore because he could no longer take ‘something’. This something is the insult which this child is facing by being called an anti-national, Katua or Mulla.

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Admitting that he had posted two videos earlier exposing the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he asks, “Does that make me an anti-national? If I make a video on any of these, I am told to go to Pakistan”.

“Who decides if I am a nationalist or an anti-national? Would the court decide this or Modi Bhakts?”

While expressing his rage over the issue he said that his mother and sister are being abused. “My family is being abused just because I exposed Mr Modi and his clan”.

“We need to understand that government and nation are two different things. If I am criticising the government, that doesn’t mean I am criticising the nation,” the teenager, Wali Rahmani, says while declaring, “I was born in this country, I’ll live in this country and make sure that I am buried in the soil of this country,” he added.

The 18-year-old bashed out at the religious and nationalist sidelines which have been triggering the country since a long time. Every now and then, a Muslim is being told to move out of the country and shift to Pakistan if he says something against the present government or India.

In crystal clear words he further mentioned that he will not prove his patriotism by saying “Modi Ji ki Jai”, he would rather pay his tax on time and prove his patriotism.

He added sarcastically, “I would rather say Bharat Pita Ki Jai. You want to consider Bharat as a mother. I’ll consider Bharat as a father. Why fight over it”.

“If you work for poverty alleviation, promotion of education, then I’ll call you nationalist”.

“I became an admirer of Modi when in a TV interview he said that he want Muslims to have Quran in one hand and computer in another. But Modi too wears a mask on his face. After appointing Yogi Adityanath—who publicly talks about kidnapping women and murdering people, Modi has proven that he isn’t a secular person. Are you running a country or playing pranks?”

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