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National Andy Day 2023: FAQs, Activities, Dates, History, and Facts

An international day is observed to honor those who identify with the name Andy, which derives from Greek.

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National Andy Day 2023 FAQs, Activities, Dates, History, and Facts About Andy and its bearers-related

National Andy Day 2023: National Andy Day, observed annually on November 16, is an opportunity to recognize and honor the Andys in our communities, and by extension, all Andys worldwide. An international day is observed to honor those who identify with the name Andy, which derives from Greek. It is noteworthy to mention that the diminutive form of certain names does not bear any resemblance to the given name “Andy.” Additionally, the name functions as a variant form of Anthony! While inconsequential, yet accommodating!

The History of National Andy Day

National Andy Day, established in the twenty-first century, contributes to the growing collection of namesake holidays intended to provide a sense of special recognition for nearly all individuals across the globe. This day celebrates the females who identify with the surname ‘Andy,’ in addition to the males who share its name.

and is a diminutive form of the masculine given name Andrew or any of its variants. Its meanings are “brave,” “manlike,” and “warrior.” Additionally, andre can be spelled as Andi, Andie, or Andre. Due to the fact that it is not regarded as an independent name, despite its widespread recognition, it does not rank highly among parents in terms of baby names. However, it should be noted that this name is gender-neutral and can also function as a diminutive form of the feminine form of the given name “Andreas,” which is “Andrea.” Furthermore, despite its relatively low adoption rate, the name achieved the 193rd position in popularity rankings in the United States between 1881 and 1964. Unfortunately, that is the greatest position the name achieved from 1880 to 2020. The name’s ranking in France declined steadily from 145 in 1998 to 390 in 2020.

Andy Warhol, undoubtedly the most notable individual to have been bestowed with the moniker. He is likely succeeded by Andy Griffith, an American actor who was held in such high regard that he was awarded a presidential commendation. In contemporary British history, Sir Andy Murray, the legendary British tennis player, may be the most well-known individual to bear the name. Andy Michael Philip, an American professional basketball player who adopts the middle name ‘Andy’ and uses the name ‘Handy’, and Andy Dick, an American comedian, actor, and musician, are both notable individuals who carry the name Andy.

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FAQs for National Andy Day

Does ‘Andy’ apply to both males and girls?

Andy is a diminutive or nickname that refers to both Andrew, the masculine name, and Andrea, the female name. When used as a feminine nickname, however, it is frequently transcribed “Andi.”

At what point in time did the name ‘Andy’ find peak popularity?

The prevalence of the given name ‘Andy’ is either influenced by or obscured by its given progenitor, Andrew. In terms of the period characterized by the greatest popularity of the character ‘Andrew,’ the late 20th century stands out. The extent to which ‘Andy’ attains this level of popularity is contingent on whether or not individuals bearing the name ‘Andrew’ adopt the given name ‘Andy’.

Andy, is it a surname?

‘Andy’ is predominantly a given name, middle name, or a moniker, as evidenced by the names Andrew Michael ‘Handy’ ‘Andy’ Phillip and Andy Murray.

Participation in National Andy Day Activities

Obtain the moniker

In honor of the renowned Andys, who shared certain characteristics, I would like to suggest that you acquire the name ‘Andy’ as a middle name or nickname today. Put this name to use and give it significance.

Inviting “Andys” to a party

Beg all of your acquaintances to invite their respective ‘Andy’ friends to a celebration that has been planned in honor of them and their masculine moniker. Hospit an extravagant celebration for every Andy in the vicinity to feel exceptional.

Give ‘Andys’ special treatment

To commemorate this occasion, bestow thoughtful and affectionate touches upon every Andy in your life. Present them with favors or prepare their preferred dish.

Five Andy and its bearers-related facts that might pique your interest

In use in India.

The diminutive form of the Indian names Anand and Anindya is “Andy.”

Never among the best one hundred

Despite its widespread popularity, the name has never been ranked among the top 100 infant names in any country.

The public’s perception

According to the results of a survey, the name is perceived as juvenile, common, powerful, straightforward, and humorous.

Exceptional steadfastness

Warhol, the renowned pop artist, did not become a virgin until the age of 58.

Members of a sports family

Jamie Murray, another professional doubles tennis player, and Murray, it is possible that their sportsmanlike behavior stems from their football-playing grandfather, Roy Erskine.


Year Date Day
2023 November 16 Thursday
2024 November 16 Saturday
2025 November 16 Sunday
2026 November 16 Monday
2027 November 16 Tuesday