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National Chimichanga Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

The deep-fried goodness is the chimichanga.

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National Chimichanga Day 2023 Date, History, Facts

National Chimichanga Day 2023: National Chimichanga Day is on September 26 and it’s an opportunity to celebrate one of the greatest culinary accidents in history — the deep-fried goodness that is the chimichanga. Created in 1946 — the same year as the popular Mexican restaurant concept was launched — the chimichanga (which means ‘thingamajig’ in Spanish), has become a staple on Mexican restaurant menus around the country.


The chimichanga is a humble food item — a deep-fried burrito stuffed with meat and other ingredients. However, as with many staple dishes, the origin of the chimichanga is disputed.

Over the years a number of restaurants based in Tucson, Arizona have proclaimed themselves as the inventors of the chimichanga. The most popular origin story dates back to the late 1940s or early ’50s, and is credited to Monica Flin — owner of El Charro Cafe. According to legend the modern-day chimichanga was the result of Flin accidentally flipping a burrito into the deep fryer. Flin exclaimed, using a Spanish swear word “Chimichanga!”. What came out of the fryer that day was a crisp, savory burrito that became a legend in its own right.

Similar to a burrito, the chimichanga is loaded with a number of fillings; rice, beans, and of course, seasoned meat. The meat is usually pork, steak, or braised beef. The beans are either black or pinto, and the rice is typically Mexican-style. Cheese is also a popular filling — Monterey Jack, cheddar, or Chihuahua. Many people pairing their chimichangas with Tex-Mex sauce, queso, and salsa.

The impact of the chimichanga has grown into a cultural phenomenon and we have the serendipitous marriage of a burrito and a deep fryer to thank for it. On National Chimichanga Day, let’s all think about the roots of this delicious dish and its creators.

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Go get a chimichangas

The most obvious (and most obviously delicious) way to celebrate is to head out to your local Mexican restaurant and grab a chimichanga. The dish has become so ubiquitous, you’d be hard-pressed not to find one.

Throw a Mexican-themed party

Who doesn’t love a themed party and dressing up? Throw a Mexican party and serve tequilas, nachos, and of course, chimichangas!

Make your own chimichangas

For those of us who can’t experience a chimi directly from a Mexican kitchen, making one at home is a good alternative. Assemble your favorite burrito-making ingredients, heat up that frying oil, and recreate the iconic moment when the two came together.


Year Date Day
2023 September 26 Tuesday
2024 September 26 Thursday
2025 September 26 Friday
2026 September 26 Saturday
2027 September 26 Sunday


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