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National Craft Jerky Day 2023: Activities, History, Dates, FAQs, and Facts

Any dried, narrowly sliced meat that can be consumed without additional processing is considered jerky.

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National Craft Jerky Day 2023 Activities, History, Dates, FAQs, and Facts About jerky flavors

National Craft Jerky Day 2023: November 27 coincides with the observance of National Craft Jerky Day. Craft Jerky Day is observed to honor traditional homemade jerky and the straightforward jerky recipes that have been handed down through the generations. Any dried, narrowly sliced meat that can be consumed without additional processing is considered jerky. An extensive array of proteins can be utilized to make jerky, including beef, horse meat, alligator, camel, and even crocodile! Regardless of the protein that you prefer, Craft Jerky Day is an opportunity to express your creativity without constraints. Its inception occurred in the early 1550s.

National Craft Jerky Day History

‘Long Beach Jerky Co.’ established National Craft Jerky Day. Despite the fact that Alex Naticchioni and Richie Beckman established the company in 2013, its influence extends well beyond that year. It all began with Alex’s grandfather, Albert Naticchioni, affectionately known as “Gramps.” During the Christmas season, Albert placed his homemade jerky into the stockings of his family members.

Decades later, in their tiny Long Beach apartment one evening, Alex and his friend Richie were struck with the notion to change this holiday custom into a business venture. The two individuals made the decision to adhere to Gramps’ earlier recipe while also attempting new recipes. Following multiple trials, Long Beach Jerky Co. commenced operations. Currently available on their menu are jerky varieties like ‘Gramps’ Original.’ “Cracked Black Pepper,” “Buffalo Wing,” and “Spicy Teriyaki.”

Historians assert that jerky first appeared in the Andes Mountains, which are presently situated in Peru. Any type of lean meat that has been sliced into strips and cured constitutes jerky. The term ‘jerky’ finds its etymological roots in the Quechuan word ‘ch’arki,’ which translates to ‘desiccated, salted flesh.’ In 1550s documents of ch’arki were first compiled. In order to produce jerky, narrowly sliced meat portions are typically salted and dehydrated over an open flame, in an electric dehydrator, or in the sun. Meat that has undergone complete dehydration is safe to consume uncooked. When executed correctly, the salting procedure inhibits bacterial growth, allowing jerky to remain fresh for several months without deteriorating.

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FAQs for National Craft Jerky Day

From what flesh does jerky originate?

Jerky production does not adhere to any definitive principles. Any dried flesh will be acceptable, provided that it is dry enough.

Is jerky dehydrated or smoked?

Jerky can be dehydrated in the sun, through a dehydrator, in an oven, or by smoking over a fire.

The reason jerky is so costly.

Due to the cost of meat, high-quality ingredients, and the lengthy drying process, jerky is an expensive product.

The proper way to observe National Craft Jerky Day

Produce homemade jerky

Craft Jerky Day is all about homemade jerky prepared in small batches. Commemorate by preparing a jerky that is uniquely yours. Perform an online search for recipes and adapt them to your liking.

Contribute to an artisanal jerky company

If you simply do not have the opportunity to make your own jerky, consider purchasing jerky from a small craft jerky business for support. Your support could be extremely valuable.

Employ a hashtag

Specify the reason for our celebration by employing the hashtag #craftjerkyday. Fight for awareness!

Five crucial details regarding the most peculiar jerky flavors

Jeriyaki kangaroo

This peculiar jerky flavor is precisely what its name suggests: it is composed of kangaroo flesh.

Jerry pastrami of an alligator

Although you may lack the courage to confront an alligator, alligator jerky may satisfy your craving.

Coffee-infused pastrami

A plant-based ingredient known as guarana, which contains roughly twice as much caffeine as coffee, is used to season the meat.

Pretzel jerky

These beef-infused cheese morsels are ideal for all cheese aficionados.

Hawaiian teriyaki sauce

Meat is combined with soy sauce, Hawaiian salt, garlic, ginger, and pepper to create this unique jerky.


Year Date Day
2023 November 27 Monday
2024 November 27 Wednesday
2025 November 27 Thursday
2026 November 27 Friday
2027 November 27 Saturday