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National Gin and Tonic Day 2024 (US): Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts

National Gin and Tonic Day 2024 (US) celebrates the comforting taste of the classic beverage, similar to pairings like bacon and eggs, spaghetti and meatballs, peanut butter and jelly, and apple pie and ice cream.

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National Gin and Tonic Day 2024 (US) Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About G&TS

National Gin and Tonic Day 2024 (US): National Gin and Tonic Day is observed annually on April 9 to honour this classic beverage. Something about G&T (gin and tonic) is comforting, much like the pairings of bacon and eggs, spaghetti and meatballs, peanut butter and jelly, and apple pie and ice cream. At this point, my daydreaming about food is complete.

The exceptional flavor of gin and tonic notwithstanding, it is surprisingly uncomplicated to prepare. It really does not get any simpler than the constituents being listed in the name, does it? G&T is the ideal beverage for the day. To clarify, it is also ideal for nocturnal use.

National Gin and Tonic Day History

Over the course of history, gin has experienced a turbulent existence, fluctuating in style. Its origin is further intriguing. Officers of the Presidency Armies, which were the Armed Forces of the East India Company stationed in the Indian subcontinent, formulated gin and tonic. During this period, Europeans residing in India and other tropical regions frequently encountered malaria. Scottish physician George Cleghorn investigated the potential of quinine as a malaria preventative during the eighteenth century. Quinine was mixed with tonic water; however, it exhibited an acrid flavor.

Officers of the Presidency armies in India began combining quinine with water, sugar, lime, and plain old gin in the early 19th century in an effort to make the beverage more palatable. Thus was created the renowned gin and tonic cocktail! Because gin was already included in the officers’ rations, preparing this beverage was simple. In contrast to its former acrid taste, tonic water now contains significantly less quinine and is typically sweet, as opposed to the antimalarial properties it once possessed.

Winston Churchill once remarked, “Gin and tonic have preserved the lives and minds of more Englishmen than the entire medical staff of the Empire.” That is truly remarkable commendation. In 1783, Schweppes, the renowned tonic water, was introduced to the expanding market of British expatriates who were required to consume quinine daily for preventative purposes. Subsequent to their success in the colonies, Schweppes and other commercial tonics eventually entered Britain. Malaria and the British Army in India appear to be the cause of this delectable and sugary concoction known as G&T.

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FAQs for National Gin and Tonic Day

Why has gin earned the moniker “mother’s ruin”?

As a result of people’s preoccupation, much misery, crime, insanity, mortality, and declining birth rates were attributed. It is believed that establishments that served gin permitted women to consume alcohol with males for the first time, which caused women to abandon their children and engage in prostitution.

What is the gin-to-tonic proportion?

Three parts gin to five parts tonic water is sufficient. The straightforward and traditional one-to-two ratio is also acceptable.

What sort of individuals consume G&T?

According to an Austrian study of 953 individuals, those who prefer gin and tonic are more likely to display indications of being psychopaths or malicious than those who prefer other beverages.

What keeps a gin and tonic carbonated?

A substantial quantity of ice cubes maintains the beverage’s temperature, thereby impeding the carbon dioxide in the tonic’s ability to flee and prolonging the beverage’s carbonation.

Activities on National Gin and Tonic Day

Choose gin.

Simply combine ice, tonic water, gin, and citrus to create a refreshing G&T for the summer. Whether we are enjoying the beverage on our own or at a social gathering, we are certain that it will be delectable!

Incorporate it

Why adhere to a repetitive recipe when we can exercise our imagination? Investigate recipe materials and experiment on National Gin and Tonic Day by crafting a unique rendition of this traditional concoction utilizing various hues and flavors.

Proceed to your preferred establishment.

Investigate the nearby taverns and restaurants for any tempting specials that may be available on this momentous occasion. Taking a selfie while sipping this invigorating beverage is a smart move. Discuss its colorful and illustrious past as well.

Five G&TS facts that will astound you

One-tub gin

In bathtubs, juniper-berry juice was frequently mixed with inexpensive grain alcohol to produce gin surreptitiously; this practice resulted in a number of illnesses and deaths.

“Fleabag” contributed to G&T’s sales.

An episode of the popular television series “Fleabag” featured characters consuming cans of Marks & Spencer G&T, which increased the beverage’s sales by 24%.

This beverage is intergalactic.

According to the novel “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” by Douglas Adams, the beverage is recognized throughout galaxies.

Admire Holland’s gin

The spirit in question originated in Holland and gained widespread recognition when it was introduced to the English in the 17th century.

Philippines gin aficionados

The Philippines, which consumes nearly 43 percent of the global total, is the leading consumer of gin.


Year Date Day
2024 April 9 Tuesday
2025 April 9 Wednesday
2026 April 9 Thursday
2027 April 9 Friday
2028 April 9 Sunday


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