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National Oliver Day 2023: FAQs, Dates, Activities, History, and Facts About Oliver

Since the time before Oliver Cromwell was born, long before Charles Dickens published his renowned novel "Oliver Twist," the name "Oliver" has been a topic of conversation.

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National Oliver Day 2023 FAQs, Dates, Activities, History, and Facts About Oliver

National Oliver Day 2023: Annually, National Oliver Day is observed on November 24. Its purpose is to recognize all Olivers, past and present, across the globe. Since the time before Oliver Cromwell was born, long before Charles Dickens published his renowned novel “Oliver Twist,” the name “Oliver” has been a topic of conversation. The French refer to it as “Olivier,” whereas the common English usage is Oliver. The name’s origin is contentious. Nevertheless, all accounts suggest that the Norse language had an influence.

The History of National Easter Day

The inaugural National Oliver Day commemoration is scheduled for 2022. Its purpose is to honor all Olivers across the globe. While it is predominantly a European and American name, individuals from other continents also use it. Olivier, Olivero, Olivio, Oliwer, and Olley are a few of the many variants. The nicknames Lev, Levi, and Ollie are all forms of the given name.

Oliver is derived from the Latin word “Olivarius,” which translates to “planter of olive trees.” Another source indicates that its etymology may be traced back to the Nordic term ‘Áleifr’ or the French term ‘Olivier.’ These variations in the name’s origin lend it an aura of mystique; each imparts a unique significance. It is widely acknowledged that the Normans introduced the name “Oliver” to England, and in the 19th century, “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens popularized it.

The name had been widely used in medieval England prior to that time, but its popularity declined significantly in the seventeenth century. The name Oliver gained recognition and admiration among Americans at the onset of the twenty-first century. It appeared in the “Top 10” in 2017 and “Top 100 names” in 2009. It reached its highest position at number three in both 2019 and 2020. Oliver has also remained in the ‘Top 10 names’ in Nordic Sweden since 2013.

With the publication of his debut album “Messiah Messiah” in 1977, Nigerian guitarist Oliver De Coque is a prominent bearer of the name in Africa. Oliver Heaviside, an English physicist and mathematician; Oliver McCall, an American boxer; Oliver Stone, the director of the 1983 film “Scarface”; and Oliver Eaton Williamson, the recipient of the Nobel Prize, are notable European and American bearers of the name.

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FAQs Regarding National Oliver Day

Could the moniker ‘Oliver’ be considered archaic?

Due to Oliver’s prominence in medieval England, it is an ancient name. It continues to be among the most popular boy’s names in a number of European nations. Its popularity has therefore endured throughout the ages.

How is Oliver pronounced?

The definition of the trisyllabic word Oliver is ‘O-li-ver.’

How does one pronounce Oliver in reverse?

‘Revilo,’ a family name in both the United States and the United Kingdom, is formed by inverting the original spelling of Oliver.

Participation in National Oliver Day activities

Share it via social media.

Commemorate National Oliver Day by populating social media with interesting information regarding notable bearers of the name Oliver. Inform everyone that today is Oliver’s Day.

Attend a celebration.

Gather your entire “Oliver” social circle for a lunch or supper gathering. Plan enjoyable activities to engage in following lunch or supper.

Organize a gathering.

To commemorate Olivers in a specific municipality or city, one may organize an Oliver gathering. Disseminate information regarding his namesakes to every Oliver.

Five points about Oliver

They observe numerous celebratory days.

Oliver celebrates the following dates on his birthday: April 15, May 22 and 29, July 1 and 7, August 3, and October 2.

Its definition is contentious.

Although it is commonly held that Oliver signifies “peace” or “olive tree,” some contend that it has nothing to do with the olive tree or any of the characteristics that are associated with the name.

Its form is feminine.

“Olivera,” “Olivia,” or any form of their national variations constitute feminine variants of the name Oliver.

A decline in prominence during the seventeenth century

The name ‘Oliver’ became significantly less prevalent in England due to the efforts of English statesman Oliver Cromwell.

The aggregate count of births

According to the Social Security Administration, 14,147 infants were given the name Oliver in 2020.


Year Date Day
2023 November 24 Friday
2024 November 24 Sunday
2025 November 24 Monday
2026 November 24 Tuesday
2027 November 24 Wednesday