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National Sorry Charlie Day 2024: Date, History, Activities, Facts and Significance

National Sorry Charlie Day was founded by Cathy Runyan-Svacina out of admiration for Charlie the Tuna's remarkable response to rejection.

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National Sorry Charlie Day

National Sorry Charlie Day 2024: Today, April 6, is National Sorry Charlie Day, which allows us to reflect on the rejections we’ve experienced throughout our lives. Charlie the Tuna, who served as a spokesperson for StarKist for nearly two decades, was notorious for never tasting good (even though he had good taste). Charlie’s constant exposure to the phrase “Sorry Charlie” endeared him to the American public and made him relatable to our daily rejections. But Charlie never gave up, and today we can celebrate our own tenacity or learn from others’ experiences in overcoming rejection.

The background of National Sorry Charlie Day

National Sorry Charlie Day was founded by Cathy Runyan-Svacina out of admiration for Charlie the Tuna’s remarkable response to rejection. Runyan-Svacina, who had recently experienced rejection, thought it would be beneficial to dedicate a day to recognising rejection and understanding how to move on.

Dr. Steve Maraboli stated, “Every time I believed I was rejected from something good, I was actually redirected to something better.” Is that not the case? Of course, we don’t always see the silver lining when we are being redirected, but because hindsight is 20/20, we should keep in mind that after experiencing rejection once (and typically many times after that), our ability to cope and persevere grows stronger.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that mentally resilient individuals can overcome rejection. A 2015 “Inc.” article identifies timeless truths about rejection and asserts that it is our choice to allow rejection to hold us back.

An essential first step in dealing with rejection is to recognise our emotions. Are you frightened, injured, angry, or mortified? It is preferable to confront our emotions than to ignore them.

The majority of individuals who are able to overcome the sting of rejection choose to view it as evidence that they are putting themselves out there — attempting and risking failure. If you never risk rejection or failure, you may be overly cautious.

They do not define themselves by the rejections they have encountered. A single rejection for a job or a date does not doom you to a lifetime of unemployed singlehood! Maintain perspective on the rejection.

Today, celebrate your ability to overcome rejection, and if you are in the midst of a reorientation, read on to learn that you are not alone and that something even better is just around the corner.


Consider how far you’ve come.

We experience the sting of rejection early in life, and we continue to encounter it as we age because it is inevitable. Today, reflect on the times you’ve been rejected and how you’ve overcome this obstacle to reach your current position. Today is a great day to appreciate your ability to overcome rejection and to have confidence that, if necessary, you can do so again.

Assist a friend through a trying time.

Rejection can be a valuable educator. Share your strategies for picking yourself up and brushing yourself off, as others can learn from your example of tenacity. It is also helpful for people to realise that they are not alone in their struggles and to see how someone who has faced adversity and overcome it.

Make a delicious tuna salad

Well, a can of tuna gave us “Sorry Charlie,” so in the purest spirit of celebration, grab a can or pouch and enjoy a delicious and nutritious tuna salad.

Five Interesting Facts About Charlie the Tuna

Charlie is conceived

Charlie, the spokesperson for StarKist, was born in 1961.

We are aware of his name

Charlie is one of the most recognisable advertising characters.

It is a beret

Charlie wore a beret to appear refined, cultured, and unrejectable.

A lengthy career

Before the campaign ended in the 1980s, Charlie appeared in 85 advertisements.

The conclusion

Charlie concluded many of his advertisements with the phrase, “Tell them Charlie sent you.”


Year Date Day
2023 April 6 Thursday
2024 April 6 Saturday
2025 April 6 Sunday
2026 April 6 Monday
2027 April 6 Tuesday


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