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National Triglycerides Day 2023: Date, History and How To Observe This Day

On March 28, National Triglycerides Day, you can count on us to proudly display a banner proclaiming that our health is the ultimate affluence.

By Sanya Oberoi
Published on :
National Triglycerides Day 2023: Date, History and How To Observe This Day

National Triglycerides Day 2023: On March 28, National Triglycerides Day, you can count on us to proudly display a banner proclaiming that our health is the ultimate affluence. Just as all aspects of life require balance, so too does our dietary intake. Even vitamins, when consumed in excess, can be detrimental. This is why excessive levels of triglycerides, which are vital lipid compounds that help provide us with energy, can be extremely harmful. In many cases, high triglyceride levels can be treated with medication, but recent research indicates that hormonal changes cause triglyceride levels to rise in individuals aged 50 and older.


Being in good health is one of the most valuable commodities in the world today, particularly in light of the approaching National Triglycerides Day. It is important to commemorate this day because it serves as a reminder of the significance of life and the wonderful things it has in store for us. Consequently, without further ado, let’s examine what triglycerides are.

Triglycerides are fatty acids composed of saturated fat/unsaturated fat and glycerol at their most fundamental level. (a type of glucose). These fatty compounds, also known as lipids, are produced by the body in response to an excess of carbohydrates or sugar. Generally deposited on the hips and stomach, triglycerides provide energy. Triglycerides are consumed when consuming margarine, meat, butter, and other dairy products.

High triglyceride levels are associated with cardiac disease and complications. The levels are measured using a blood test known as a lipid profile. In addition to revealing your triglyceride levels, a lipid profile will also reveal your cholesterol and saturated/unsaturated fat levels. Your doctor will then prescribe treatment for you, which may include medications, dietary adjustments, or physical activity.

National Triglycerides Day was observed for the first time in 2018 as a means of bringing much-needed attention to the issue. People over the age of 20 should have their triglyceride levels checked routinely, as numerous factors can begin to affect their health at this age. Eating well and exercising regularly from an early age can prevent both short- and long-term problems. Trust us, your body will appreciate the efforts you make now rather than later. Ultimately, it is preferable to be secure than sorry.

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Check your triglyceride levels regularly

It is always preferable to undergo regular doctor visits. The earlier a problem is detected, the simpler it is to treat. And if everything works out in the end, you have reason to exult.

Follow a healthy diet and exercise routinely

Prevention is preferable to treatment. Therefore, always choose to live a healthful lifestyle by eating well and staying active.

Raise awareness of the day

With social media and the internet at your disposal, you can disseminate information and awareness about the day and its significance. Participate in campaigns and/or make contributions to local hospitals/research facilities.

Five cholesterol facts that will blow your mind

No cholesterol, no vitality

Due to the fact that your cells and organs require cholesterol to function effectively, low cholesterol levels can cause severe health problems.

High cholesterol and mortality rates

If your cholesterol levels are too elevated, you may also experience severe health complications, such as clogged arteries, strokes, heart diseases, etc.

sweat resulting in healthy cholesterol levels

Exercising can cause perspiration, which in turn can result in healthy cholesterol levels. (HDL – High Density Lipids).

High levels of cholesterol in the majority of adults

Due to poor lifestyle choices, one in three adults have excessive cholesterol levels.

High cholesterol, increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease

If you have elevated cholesterol levels, your brain function may be impaired, thereby increasing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


It is a commemoration of life appreciation

How often have we only been appreciative of something when we no longer possess it? By appreciating and protecting life, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones.

It’s a commemoration of generosity

By raising awareness of the day, we are lending support to those battling the disease, in this case both doctors and patients. It is essential to provide these individuals with moral support, as they will require the fortitude to continue moving forward.

A celebration of scientific achievements

Extensive research and studies are currently being conducted as you read this. Since the discovery of the earliest lipids in the eighteenth century, we have come a long way. The most recent findings indicate that there is promise for discovering novel treatments for high triglyceride levels.


Year Date Day
2023 March 28 Tuesday
2024 March 28 Thursday
2025 March 28 Friday
2026 March 28 Saturday
2027 March 28 Sunday