Opposition creates 'Acche Din' website, takes a dig at PM Modi
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Opposition creates ‘Acche Din’ website, takes a dig at PM Modi

5 months before the General Elections, the internet war between political parties is getting hotter with every passing moment. In the latest development, the opposition parties have come up with two new websites targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and mocking his popular slogan of Acche Din.

Opposition creates AccheDin.in, takes a dig at PM Modi
Source: Acchedin.in

acchedin.in takes a dig at the Prime Minister on various issues. A part of the website’s About Us section reads, “Acche Din is slowly turning into a reality today. Muslims and Dalits are being killed and oppressed everyday, angry mobs are having a field day and the police is carrying out encounters like it’s a sanitation drive. The economy is in shambles, with rupee and petrol racing each other towards hundred. Anil bhai is happy, Mukesh bhai is happy, Nirav, Vijay and Mehul bhai are all enjoying their vacation. If this is not Acche Din, we don’t now what is.”

Opposition creates AccheDin.in, takes a dig at PM Modi
Source: acchedin.in

The website targets Narendra Modi’s promise of providing 15 lakh rupees, Rafale deal and mocks some of the famous slogans by the Prime Minister. The site tags the top leaders of the ruling party, Amit Shah, Piyush Goyal and Arun Jaitley to be the members of “Board of Thieves”. Testimonies can be seen at the bottom of the page by Kuldeep Senger, accuse in the Unnao gang rape case, fugitives Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi.

In another website called CorruptModi.com, the developers have created an encyclopedia of scams. A video explainer with regards to Rafale deal can also be viewed on site’s main page.

Opposition creates AccheDin.in, takes a dig at PM Modi
Source: corruptmodi.com

Reports suggest that there are many websites in the pipeline and will starting popping as the Election year approaches.

Earlier a website called IAmWith came into existence which asked the users to give their party preference for the 2018 General Elections. The website apparently was asking people to provide with their personal details.

Kindly be cautious with the websites mentioned on this page as they all have been tagged “not fully secure” by web browsers.

Edit: The websites acchedin.in and corruptmodi.com seem to have acquired SSL certification(securing the site) and are now safe to browse.

We request all our readers to not give their personal details to the sites, apps, and surveys they don’t trust.

I Am With your data, think twice before sharing personal details

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