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Pathologists’ Assistants Day 2024 (US): FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts

Pathologists' Assistants Day 2024 honors undervalued P.As in pathology labs, recognizing their crucial contributions to accurate diagnosis and improved patient care.

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Pathologists’ Assistants Day 2024 (US) FAQs, Dates, History, Activities, and Facts About Pathologists' Assistants Day
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Pathologists’ Assistants Day 2024 (US): Annually, Pathologists’ Assistants Day is observed on April 14. In the laboratory of pathology, P.As are undervalued and do not receive the recognition they merit. Consequently, this day is annually observed to commemorate their indispensable contributions to accurate diagnosis and improved patient care. A P.A. is a certified health professional who provides a variety of services under the direction and supervision of a pathologist. Academically and practically, Sanctuaries of the Southeastern Pathological Association are prepared to manage laboratory specimens with precision and promptness.

Pathologists’ Assistants Day History

The ultimate diagnosis is determined by a board-certified anatomical pathologist, who oversees P.As and evaluates tissues submitted for microscopic analysis in addition to conducting a comprehensive gross examination. Eugene A. Stead is widely recognized as the progenitor of the profession of physician assistant. In 1965, he founded the inaugural formal educational program designed to instruct P.As at Duke University. In 1969, Duke University and Thomas D. Kinney established the first formal university-based training program for pathologists’ assistants. To date, fourteen recognized programs have been created in Canada and the United States.

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (A.S.C.P.) is a professional organization headquartered in Chicago. The A.S.C.P., which was established in 1922, provides advocacy activities, education, and certification for lab, pathologist, and patient professionals. An ASCPA certification is mandatory for pathologist assistants.

On April 14, 1972, the American Association of Pathologist Assistants was established by the organization’s founders. The primary objective of this association is to facilitate the collaboration of credentialed pathologists and advance the pathologist profession by fostering ethical conduct among practitioners, advancing pathologist assistant education, and enlightening the public and health sector regarding the responsibilities of a professional pathologist’s assistant. Since its inception, A.A.P.A. has grown to include more than 2,100 members, including our five founding fathers.

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FAQs for Pathologists’ Assistants Day 2024 (US)

A home office pathologist is what?

Regional group practices that operate independently from the Home Office, coroners, and law enforcement employ forensic pathologists who have registered with the Home Office.

What academic prerequisites are necessary to become a pathologist?

A Bachelor’s degree in Biology or Chemistry, a five-year medical degree, a two-year general training foundation program, or a three to seven-year internship or specialist training program in Pathology are all prerequisites for becoming a pathologist.

How long does the P.A. last?

Pathologist’s assistants must have completed approximately six years of postsecondary education.

Pathologists’ Assistants Day 2024 (US) Activities

Follow the blog for Pathologist Assistant Day.

The Pathologists Assistants Day Blog is open to commenting on and following by pathologist’s assistants. You may submit photographs for the “P.A. Day Gallery” if you possess any.

Beam a cornucopia of delectables

If you know a pathologist assistant, treat them today. If lunch is not an option, consider sending them a gift tray. This will without a doubt elicit a sense of worthiness in them.

Acknowledge one another on the internet.

A general post expressing gratitude to all P.As is acceptable if you do not know any of them personally. Promote the observance of Pathassist Day on social media by employing the corresponding hashtags.

Five Facts Regarding Pathologists’ Assistants Day

Scientific and Medical University of Rosalind Franklin

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is the institution with the highest number of pathology assistant degree recipients.

Active 21,292 physicians

As of the American Medical Association, 21,292 pathologists were active members.

Annual mean compensation for a pathologist assistant

The yearly salary of a P.A., on average, varies between $60,000 and $90,000.

Alternatives for Pathology Assistants

Alternative occupations for pathologist assistants include senior managers, technical medical writers, quality control technicians, and pathologists.

Accreditation of assisting pathologists

In 2004, the A.A.P.A. and the A.S.C.P. collaborated to accredit pathologist assistants nationally.


Year Date Day
2024 April 14 Sunday
2025 April 14 Monday
2026 April 14 Tuesday
2027 April 14 Wednesday
2028 April 14 Friday


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