PM Modi has time to tweet on ‘stupid things’ but not on Gorakhpur tragedy: Twitterati

How PM Modi got demonetisation figures when RBI is still counting?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an active social media user and employs the same for reaching out to as many as over 32 million followers on Twitter. His tweets come in too quickly whenever something new happens. However, his active participation on Twitter was questioned by Twitterati, when he failed to express his message for the innocent children who lost their lives in Yogi Adityanath’s citadel.

PM Modi was strongly criticised on Twitter since the tragedy took place on Friday, as there was no tweet on the subject from his handle. Ironically, he was quick enough to congratulate Nitish Kumar minutes after his resignation from the post of the Bihar chief minister. But this sad incident has not been mentioned by PM Modi even once.


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