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Prime Meridian Day 2023: Dates, FAQs, Activities, History, and Facts About zone

The Seventh Astronomer Royal, Sir George Biddell Airy, conceived the renowned telescope in 1850. The crosshairs of the Airy Transit Circle indicated 0° longitude.

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Prime Meridian Day 2023 Dates, FAQs, Activities, History, and Facts About zone

Prime Meridian Day 2023: Prime Meridian Day is annually observed on November 1. The location of the large Airy Transit Circle telescope at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, established the prime meridian in 1884. Seventh Astronomer Royal Sir George Biddell Airy conceived the renowned telescope in 1850. The crosshairs of the Airy Transit Circle indicated 0° longitude. Presently, we commemorate the prime meridian and its manifold functions, which encompass the establishment of global time zones and the division of the Earth into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

The History of Prime Meridian Day

The United States President Chester A. Arthur presided over the International Meridian Conference, which was inaugurated in Washington, D.C., on October 1, 1884. In order to establish international time zones and determine the prime meridian, or 0° official longitude, a conference was convened. A total of 41 delegates, who were in attendance, represented 25 continents. Greenwich received positive votes from 22 of the extant nations; France and Brazil abstained from casting ballots, and Haiti cast a negative vote.

Before the conference, there was no universally recognized standard prime meridian. Numerous locations were considered to be at 0° longitude due to the fictitious nature of longitude lines. The English city of Greenwich was designated the international prime meridian on October 13. Prime Meridian Day is observed annually in observance of the milestone.
The prime meridian traversed the midpoint of a transit instrument located at the Greenwich observatory. Subsequently, the observatory was transformed into the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Following World War II, the observatory was transferred to Hailsham, East Sussex, notwithstanding the fact that the prime meridian continued to traverse Greenwich. The Hailsham location was subsequently redesignated as the Observatory Science Center, and the Royal Observatory was reestablished in Greenwich after a period of time.

The International Meridian Conference ratified a treaty that established the International Date Line at 180° longitude in the Pacific Ocean. Each meridians is separated by one hour and there are multiple meridians, one every 15°. Some nations, nevertheless, do not adhere to the hour modification regulation. China, as an illustration, maintains a solitary time zone notwithstanding the traversal of its territory by five meridians.

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FAQS For Prime Meridian Day

Define the antimeridian.

The antimeridian is positioned at 180° longitude. It creates, in conjunction with the prime meridian, an enormous circle that divides the Earth into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

What occurs when the International Date Line is crossed?

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, an imaginary line known as the IDL traverses the Earth from the North to the South Poles. Whether one traverses it typically results in a gain or loss of a day depends on the direction of travel.

Do additional prime meridians exist?

Indeed, the prime meridian is an arbitrary imaginary line that can be situated in any location. Beyond twenty-four prime meridians,

Prime Meridian Day Performing Arts

Observe the observatory

Visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich for additional information on the prime meridian. The Hailsham Observatory Science Center offers a comprehensive experience as well.

Investigate international time zones

Education is always enjoyable. Investigate the world’s time zones and take note of their quirks. It could potentially be useful during trivia night.

Investigate your current location

Determine the precise geographical coordinates of your residence, workplace, or educational institution. It would make an entertaining response to the following inquiry regarding one’s address.

Five zone facts that will astound you

No-go zone

Antarctica lacks a designated time zone due to its predominantly arid terrain.

Interminable sunshine

Without a break in illumination for six months, the poles of the Earth then experience the remaining six months of the year in complete darkness.

Extreme figures

The country with the most time zones is France, followed closely by the United States and Russia, each with eleven.

Time dilation

France, despite being traversed by the prime meridian, remains one hour behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Favorite selection

The IERS Citation Modernly, Meridian is the most frequently adopted meridian.


Year Date Day
2023 November 1 Wednesday
2024 November 1 Friday
2025 November 1 Saturday
2026 November 1 Sunday
2027 November 1 Monday