Rahul Gandhi wants to replace popcorn with Bihar makhana globally
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Rahul Gandhi wants to replace popcorn with Bihar makhana globally

Patna: At his party’s election campaign in Bihar, Rahul Gandhi expresses his wish to replace the popular popcorn with makhana grown by Seemanchal’s farmers in the world cities.

These farmers mainly grow crops of makhanas, tomatoes, potatoes and maize and Rahul Gandhi has promised market facilities for all of these crops. He said that food processing units will be set up on the doorsteps so that makhana growers get the real price of the produce.

He also promised farm loans waivers within 10 days of UPA government formation at the centre and also that the government will transfer the income directly to the bank accounts by drawing minimum income line.

Rahul in his 35 minutes long speech accused PM Modi of making false promises to the people. He said “What happened to his promise to deposit 15 lakh in the bank account of the poor. He had promised 2 crore jobs to youth every year and did the farmers’ economic condition improve?

He also cited how congress helped farm loans in Chhattisgarh, MP and Rajasthan.

On the Chowkidar campaign of PM Modi he asked Have you seen any chowkidar guarding a poor man’s house> they are for the rich people. Modi works as chowkidar of the country’s 15 wealthiest people and never bother about the masses.

He went on accusing PM Modi of spreading hatred in the society because of unemployed youth, he also added that Modi ran a flop show of Mann Ki Baat for 5 years.

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