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Rod Stewart Illness: Iconic Singer Announces Prostate Cancer Remission

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The iconic British rock musician and songwriter Rod Stewart recently came forward with his diagnosis of prostate cancer. The 76-year-old performer announced a benefit concert for the Prostate Project and European Tour Foundation, a charity that works to raise awareness and funding for research and treatment of prostate cancer.

Stewart disclosed that he was diagnosed in 2016, kept the news to himself until now, and is currently in remission thanks to treatment. Stewart has pushed other men to get regular checkups and screenings for prostate cancer while continuing to perform and tour around the world.

His revelation has prompted new conversations on the significance of early prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment and has highlighted the lived realities of people affected by the disease.

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Rod Stewart Illness

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer and undergoing treatment for two years, legendary musician Rod Stewart has announced that he is now cancer-free. It was reported that Stewart, then 74 years old, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the course of a normal physical examination in February 2016.

At a Prostate Project benefit concert with old Faces colleagues Ronnie Wood and Kenny Jones, the singer (who was knighted for his services to music and charity in 2016) broke the news. During the weekend, Stewart reportedly told 500 people at the Wentworth Club in Surrey, England that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer two years earlier.

‘No one knows this, but I figured it was about time I tell everybody,’ he went on. Now that I’ve caught it early, I’m safe. Oh my god, I have so many exams to study for. The Grammy winner is now advocating for a greater understanding of prostate cancer and encouraging all men to take preventative measures and undergo routine examinations to better understand their health and spot any early warning signs of the disease.

The famous musician and his wife Penny, 48, urged their friends to visit a doctor. If you can stay upbeat, remain smiling, and power through whatever difficulties you’re facing, then “If you’re positive…” It’s been two years of hard work, but I’ve been pleased the whole time, and the Lord has provided for me.

Wood, who has battled lung cancer, followed Stewart’s statements with the remark, “Someone up there likes us, Rod.” They say the singer has been cancer-free since July.