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Santa Marian Kamalen Day 2023: Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts about Guam

It honors the Virgin Mary and Our Lady of Camarin, a molten wood and ivory sculpture that is 350 years old.

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Santa Marian Kamalen Day 2023 Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About Guam

Santa Marian Kamalen Day 2023: The religious occasion of Santa Marian Kamalen Day in Guam occurs annually on December 8, which is also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It honors the Virgin Mary and Our Lady of Camarin, a molten wood and ivory sculpture that is 350 years old. This religious holiday is the most significant and widely observed on Guam. At noon, individuals representing various denominations in the area assemble in the vicinity of the Cathedral Basilica, situated in the capital city of Hagġtña, to partake in the rosary and novena. When the gathering is particularly enormous, it frequently congregates on the streets and lawns surrounding the cathedral rather than attempting to fit inside. A procession descends from the celebrations along the adjacent streets.

Santa Marian Kamalen Day History

Both the holiday and the acquisition of this ivory statue are shrouded in mystery. According to oral traditions, a fisherman stumbling across the ocean floor discovered the statue. To retrieve the statue, he dove into the water; however, as he approached, the statue vanished. The man continued to swim toward the statue, mistaking it for the ocean current, but it continued to recede as he approached. Upon the man recounting his narrative to his community that evening, the local cleric advised him to don his finest attire on Sunday, as opposed to his customary fishing attire. The following day, while the fisherman was dressed in his finest attire, the statue permitted him to approach and return it to the land.

There are dozens of legends surrounding the statue of Santa Marian Kamalen’s arrival in Guam, but everyone agrees that ever since its arrival, the saint Santa Marian Kamalen, whom the statue represents, has been a symbol of protection and hope. In addition to its cultural significance on Guam, the statue holds religious importance for the Catholic community in the area, as it serves as a conduit for their devotion to Jesus Christ.

To prevent further theft, a replica of the statue has been installed in the cathedral and is presently stored in a secure location. However, in the three instances of theft that have occurred thus far, the statue was either returned discreetly or discovered in a public area.

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FAQs on Santa Marian Kamaleen Day

Santa Marian Kamalen—who is he?

Guam’s patron saint, she is also referred to as Dulce Nombre and Our Lady of Camarin, among others.

How does the Santa Marian Kamalen statue appear?

Portable and exquisitely adorned with two crowns, gilded jewelry, and a human hair wig, the statue exudes affection.

What year did Santa Marian Kamalen arrive?

On December 8, 1941, at the start of World War II, the image’s guardians managed to save it.

Observations for Santa Marian Kamaleen Day

Participate in the service

Attend the liturgy that is being held at Cathedral Basilica if you are in Guam. Attending gatherings with family, friends, and members of your community is an excellent way to observe and appreciate the cultural significance of this holiday.

Explore Guam

Guam is an exotic nation adorned with numerous pristine beaches and an abundance of fauna. This holiday, characterized by numerous processions and celebrations, is the most favorable period to travel to Guam.

Transmission of traditions

Instruct children on the historical significance of Santa Marian Kamalen Day while fostering inquisitiveness and prompting them to pose inquiries. The holiday transcends its religious significance as it is deeply ingrained in Guam’s culture and history, serving as a potential wellspring of motivation and fortitude.

Five curious facts about Guam that will astound you

Initial European journey

In March 1521, Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, acting on behalf of Spain, became the initial European to set foot in the area.

Guam is an American territory.

Due to the fact that Guam is an organized and unincorporated territory of the United States, its inhabitants are U.S. citizens but lack voting rights in the country.

An individual serving in the wilderness

A Japanese soldier who fought in World War II hid for twenty-eight years in the Guam forests before a local farmer discovered him.

the oldest metropolis in Europe

Hagetta is considered to be among the most ancient European settlements situated in the Pacific region.

Guam, Philippines territory

Approximately 99 percent of the foreign labor contingent on Guam is Filipino.


Year Date Day
2023 December 8 Friday
2024 December 8 Sunday
2025 December 8 Monday
2026 December 8 Tuesday
2027 December 8 Wednesday