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Stop asking why terrorists kill during holy month of Ramazan

By Newsd
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The merciless and brutal killing of people by terrorists in Dhaka shocked the world. Although it happened on the night of 1 July, I came to know about it the next morning when I switched on the TV and saw the news. It was heart-wrenching! Reactions started pouring in from Bangladesh and beyond. The common reaction was “How can a Muslim kill during the holy month of Ramazan?” This question was raised by the Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka and by BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav back home in India.

Initially I was taken aback, why would someone do something like this? After all, the killing of any person at any time of the year, holy or not, is equally cruel. Instead they should have asked “How can a Muslim kill in the name of God?” After all, the Holy book says that killing of one innocent is equal to the massacre of humanity itself.

And then it struck me! The terrorists actually want people to ask these questions. They are running a mega recruitment drive and will in no way want to offend their target audience. Hence, the sham of sparing the women in Burqa and Hijab, the farce of asking people to read verses from Quran and sparing the fidels. This was an exercise aimed at the Muslims (target audience), to show them that they are not being touched.

The next day we witnessed another horrific attack, this time a bombing in Iraq killing more than 120 people, all muslims (Shia muslims). However, to terrorist organisations like the ISIS, they are as much of an infidel as any other non-Muslim. This explains the ISIS claiming responsibility saying it carried out the bombing that killed Shias.

This is not a new phenomenon but a tried and tested one. Mumbai blasts, Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Market blast were some examples of select targeting of victims back home.

So what do we do? We can start by not giving into the terrorists’ agenda. They would want Muslims all over the world to be victimized, faced with harsh questions and even be boycotted from others in the wake of these attacks.

Our job is to douse this hatred. We,the common people, can do as much to defeat their nefarious plans. But we cannot douse fire with gasoline. So let’s unite and counter any narrative that seeks to alienate an innocent because of the ills done by a few.