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Surya Grahan 2019: Solar Eclipse Date, Timings in India & How to Watch

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First Solar Eclipse of 2019: Where will it be visible? Know the India timings

The first partial solar eclipse of the year 2019 is set to take place on Sunday (January 6). The astronomical spectacle will begin at around 5 AM according to the Indian Standard Time(IST), unfortunately it will not be visible to the Indian subcontinent. The viewing would be though possible to the people across parts of Pacific Ocean and North-East Asia.

What are the timings for the solar eclipse with regards to India?

The partial Solar eclipse will take place for more than 4 hours. It will start on January 6, 11:34 PM Greenwich Meridian Time(GMT). The phenomenal will began few minutes after 5 AM in India. It will last till 9:18 AM with respect to the Indian Standard Time, while with regards to the GMT, it will get over at 3:48 AM. Partial solar eclipse could be viewed from the Eastern Asian countries of Japan, Korea and parts of China.

What actually is a partial solar eclipse?

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The astronomical event occurs when the Earth’s natural satellite, moon, come in between Earth and Sun. In case of the partial eclipse, the three bodies dont perfectly align in a straight line. The moon as it turns out, casts only the outer part of its shadow.

When the partial solar eclipse occur, the Sun looks like a disk. In 2019 two solar eclipse would be visible.

How to watch the Partial solar eclipse?

The solar eclipse is unsafe when seen with bare eyes, hence glasses designed for the safe viewing of the event must be used. Protection glasses could be bought and used to witness the spectacle.

2019 is a delight for the Astronomy hobbyists.  celestial event called Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse is set to take place on January 21. The event marks an incredible viewing as the Moon in its Super Blood Wolf form will embrace the sky.

New Year starts with Super Blood Wolf Moon: Here is everything you must know about the astronomy spectacle

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