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Confirmed! Aadhaar not mandatory for booking international parcel

After a row of public queries over Aadhaar card’s compulsion for booking international parcel, the Department of Posts clarified that Aadhaar is not mandatory. The department, however, said it is mandatory to produce an Identity Proof acceptable for important transactions like booking an International Parcel or International EMS (Merchandise) for safety[Read More…]

Aadhaar needed for Speed Posts to abroad?

Did you happen to send any speedpost to your relatives or friends abroad of late? If yes, were you demanded aadhaar details or aadhaar copy? According to postal department clerks, there is a new rule to send a speedpost to foreign countries. Now you need to submit a copy of[Read More…]

Greater awareness of Aadhaar linking risks, mitigation needed: ICERT

Aadhaar an invalid ID to travel to Bhutan and Nepal

The Union Ministry has declared that Aadhaar is not a valid identification document for Indians travelling to Nepal and Bhutan. Those travelling to Nepal and Bhutan must possess a valid national passport or a voter ID issued by the election commission. Notably, you don’t need a visa to travel to[Read More…]

Aadhaar data has been leaked, admits government

The Modi government for the first time has formally acknowledged that the personal identity of individuals, including Aadhaar number and other sensitive information, has been leaked. In a letter written by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology confirms the data breach as per a report in the New Indian[Read More…]

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