Tamil Nadu: Over 1000 Aadhaar cards found dumped on river bank
Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu: Over 1000 Aadhaar cards found dumped on river bank

As per reports, there were close to 1,175 Aadhaar cards found scattered around a river bank of the Mulliyaru river near Thiruthuraipoondi in Thiruvarur district. Most of the dumped cards were from the time when the Unique Identification Authority of India began issuing the cards.

Speaking to a media portal, Thiruvarur Tahsildar said that there were around 2,000 cards but villagers who searched through the pile found their cards and took them.

He said that the cards were from the year 2013, 2014 and 2015 and this was the time when the cards were given to the agency and they would deliver the people by post. He said that what should have been delivered by post was dumped.

Raja Babu said that they can’t assume if it was the post office who didn’t deliver them. Reportedly, the card belonged to people from few villages including Sekal, Kattimedu, and Aathirangam.

The administration of the village has filed a complaint with the police in the matter.

The Tahsildar said “Till they get the card, they use this number. But, it’s been two years since they actually got their Aadhaar cards. Because it wasn’t delivered, it was dumped. It’s been revealed only now.”

An official from the Trichy head post office “If the cards were inside pasted covers with the postal seal we could have come to the conclusion that our staff was involved. However, in this case, all the cards were found without any cover. So, it is the revenue authorities who have to explain.”

However, there is no clarity so as to when the cards were discarded, before or after delivery. The departmental inquiry is initiated in the matter.

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