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Cow vigilantes kill one, injure another in Rajasthan

A minority community member was shot dead allegedly by cow vigilantes in Govindgarh in Alwar district in Rajasthan on the suspicion of cow smuggling. Another person was injured in the incident, informed sources said on Sunday. Although police remained tight-lipped about the incident, sources close to the deceased’s family told[Read More…]

India's Moment of Slaughter

India’s Moment of Slaughter

What is happening in the country today is one question that goes back to the creation of a strong, Hindu Rashtra post the 1947 moment of violence that erupted on the border of India and Pakistan. Evidently, the “pain and struggle” for carving a monolithic Brahmanical, pure entity out of[Read More…]

India needs intolerance more than ever

India needs intolerance more than ever

‘Intolerance’ – there’s no denying that it exists in India at present, but then it is no surprise that the very same intolerance is missing on the fronts where it is needed the most.   India needs to be intolerant towards minority suppression There was a time when the previous[Read More…]

Goa: BJP MLA Lobo complaints over beef-shortage, blames ‘gau-rakshaks’ for same

Both Sides Guilty?

The family of Pehlu Khan has been claiming that they had the valid documents for the transit of the cattle. However this claim has been rejected by the Home Minister.

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