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Life of the Pasi community post liquor ban in Bihar

Life of the Pasi community post liquor ban in Bihar

The Pasi community of Bihar is popular in societal terms through their work which they engage in to earn a livelihood and are called toddy-tapping (process of extracting palm juice from palm tree). Toddy is the fermented version of palm tree juice. For millions of people in rural Bihar — where toddy, locally called ‘tadi’, is considered[Read More…]

Congress releases manifesto for Chhattisgarh, promises Universal Healthcare program

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday released the party’s manifesto titled “Jan Ghoshna Patra” in Rajnandgaon for Chhattisgarh, which promises farm loan waiver, minimum support price for crops as per the Swaminathan Commission recommendations and ban on liquor in Naxal affected areas. Emphasising on healthcare services, the manifesto proposes the[Read More…]

Bihar – A dry state to drug state

Bihar has been an experimenting ground for liquor ban in past. In 1979, Karpoori Thakur imposed a prohibition on liquor but the ban was lifted by Ram Sundar Das in wake of corruption and bootlegging. The chapter of liquor ban was again repeated by Nitish Kumar which came into action[Read More…]

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