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Karnataka: Groom forces bride to undergo virginity test after she vomits on wedding day

Getting hitched? Avoid last-minute disasters

New Delhi: Wedding preparation is a hectic task but with proper planning, time management and help, you can ease the burden a little. Here’s how. Sushma Gohil, Chief Customer Relationship Officer, The Wedding Brigade and Tanuja Sharma, Director, TAP Events, have suggested things you can keep a check on to[Read More…]

Myanmar: 20 dead in wedding boat crash

At least 20 people were killed when a boat carrying scores of wedding guests collided with a river barge in Western Myanmar, authorities said on Saturday. The boat, called “Silver Star” in Burmese, sank Friday evening in a river near Pathein, a port city west of commercial capital Yangon, local[Read More…]

Almost 30,000 guests, extravagant set for the wedding of Maharashtra BJP chief’s son

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Maharashtra chief is in the news for his son’s luxurious wedding these days. The wedding involved video invites exclusive sets and an affluent ceremony monitored by police using drone-mounted cameras. The ceremony saw appearances of almost 30,000 guests, including the state’s entire cabinet led by CM[Read More…]

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