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Bihar: Tricolour printed upside down on book’s back cover

A Bihar State Textbook Publishing Corporation book contains an image of an upside down national flag on its back cover. Instead of the top to the bottom sequence of colours: saffron, white and green, the flag in the book is seen with green colour at the top, while the saffron colour is painted at the bottom.

Arun Kumar Choudhary, a primary school teacher, has requested SCERT director to take immediate steps to rectify the display of the inverted image of tricolour in the book which costs around Rs 35. Hindustan Times quoted an official of the education department as saying, “It was an inadvertent mistake in the rush of things. It was unfortunate”.

Source: Hindustan Times

According to the flag code, which governs the display and use of national tricolour, the flag should be displayed completely spread out with the saffron stripe on top.

Earlier in July 2017, cheering for the Indian women’s cricket team at Lord’s Akshay Kumar souped into a controversy after he posted a picture of himself holding the flag upside down. However, the Bollywood star later apologized, “extending my sincerest apology for violating the code of conduct for the tricolour. Didn’t mean to offend anyone, the picture has been removed,” he said.

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