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Under debt, RSS man Himmat Patidar had planned murder for insurance money, now absconding

Ratlam: The ‘murder’ of RSS functionary Himmat Patidar that had raised political temperature in Madhya Pradesh, has turned out to be a bizarre crime mystery, as police have now said that Patidar wasn’t murdered rather, the RSS man is absconding after having allegedly committed the murder of his employee—Madan Malviya, in order to get insurance amount.

After the murder, Malviya was made to dress like Patidar, while the latter had gone missing. Police said that the DNA test revealed that it was the body of Madan Malviya, who worked on the fields of Himmat Patidar, 36, in Ratlam. The body was found on January 23.

The victim’s face was burnt. However, on the basis of the dress and the wallet in the pocket apart from a cell phone and other documents from the spot including the pocket, it was felt that this was Patidar’s body.

Former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had attacked the Congress government for failure on law-and-order front. BJP leaders had said that those associated with RSS and BJP were being killed in the State.

But now comes the big twist that Patidar was not killed at all, rather, he planned his ‘own murder’. Police officials say that DNA report has revealed that it was not Patidar’s body.

Patidar's clothes were found on the body that had a burnt face but DNA test reveals it was Madan Malviya's body

In fact, Patidar’s clothes were on Madan’s body, suggesting that it was a pre-planned murder. Madan was missing since January 22. He used to work on the fields of Patidar.

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During investigation, police found that Himmat Patidar was under debt of Rs 9 lakh and didn’t want to pay the huge amount. Hence, he had planned the murder in order to save himself from the money-lenders. It is suspected that he eyed the insurance money. He had taken a policy of Rs 20 lakh sometime ago.

Initially, the police got suspicious when there was a difference in skin tone. Madan’s kin identified his innerwear. As police got suspicious, they found Madan’s shoes that were found lying near the hedge of the fields. The soil on the shoes and the samples on body were also tested along with that on the scene of crime.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Gaurav Tiwari told media that it was Madan’s body. He said that effort is on to catch Patidar, who is absconding. Congress leaders have said that BJP should stop politicising every incident.

Apart from this incident, earlier another BJP leader, Prahlad Bandhwar, was murdered in Mandsaur and in that case too, a party worker, Manish Bairagi, was found involved and later arrested.

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The author is a Bhopal-based senior journalist.

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