US Missionary Killing: Police struggling on remote North Sentinel island
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US Missionary Killing: Police struggling on remote North Sentinel island

John Allen Chau, a 27-year-old Christian missionary from the United States of America (USA), was reportedly killed on November 16, when John tried get into the North Sentinel Island, which is abode of Sentinelese people who have always rejected contact with the outside world.

As per the reports, apart from knowing the fact, the island was off-limits to all visitors, on November 16, Chau went alone to the island in a canoe and was killed. Fishermen observing from a distance claim they saw his body being dragged by some of the Sentinelese on the shore.

The police team, who took a boat just off Indian-owned North Sentinel island on Saturday, spotted men from the Sentinelese tribe on the beach where John Allen Chau was last seen, the region’s police chief Dependra Pathak told a news agency.

“We are studying the 2006 case. We are asking anthropologists what they do when they kill an outsider. We are trying to understand the group psychology”, the police chief added.
As per the reports, police is taking suggestions from anthropologists and tribal welfare experts, who have had the previous rare contacts with the Sentinelese and are involved in the inquiry. Since Chau’s death is officially a murder case, anthropologists claimed that, it might be impossible to retrieve the Chau’s body and that no charges will be made against the protected tribe.

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