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Watch: Delegates left puzzled after Pakistan PM Imran Khan talks about Germany-Japan sharing border

If Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Kahn is to be believed, then out historical facts need to be rechecked as he thinks Germany and Japan share borders with each other. A video has gone viral on social media bring Imran Khan to be a subject of great laughter among netizens after his recent gaffe where he said that Germany and Japan share border.

The statement was made by Khan during his Iran visit at a press conference. In the video being widely circulated, Khan can be seen sitting alongside his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani and saying that Japan and Germany share a common border.

Khan was heard saying confidently  in the video: “On the border region of Germany and Japan, they had joint industries”.

He said this to exemplify how two nations could set up joint industries along its border to strengthen their economic ties after World War II.

It appears like the statesman mistook Japan for France. Because it was Germany and France who signed a treaty of friendship after World War II, which eventually facilitated economic and military cooperation between them.

He really kept harping on the ‘border’ and the ‘border region’ these two countries share. The video also shows a series of confused delegates,  puzzled at this newly revealed geographic boundary.

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