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Watch: YouTuber allows pet mamba to bite him, streams video of his own death

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Watch: YouTuber allows pet mamba to bite him, streams video of his own death
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In a sad incident, a Youtuber and snake expert allowed his pet mamba snake to bite him to death while he streamed the video. Arslan Valeev live streamed his death after ‘allowing deadly his pet black mamba to bite him’. He took the drastic step after a failed marriage.

The suicide video is very graphic in nature as Arslan pleads to the viewers to ask his ex-wife, Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Pyatyzhkina, to contact him. According to reports, the YouTuber couple separated after his wife allegedly cheated on him and he assaulted her.

31-year-old Arslan, who hails from St Petersburg, Russia was brokenhearted following his marital breakdown. He confessed of struggling to cope up with the separation from his former wife. Having found no end to his pain, he decided to commit suicide. He filmed his suicide video much to the shock of horrified viewers. He shared his pain of not getting over the separation from his ex-wife and pleaded everyone to call Ekaterina.

A while later, he allowed the pet mamba to bite his arm. Although the video does not show the snake biting Arslan, his condition is seen to be worsening in the video. The audiences watching the video could see the man’s breathing pattern change as his eyes started rolling before his limbs appeared to become numb from the mamba’s venom.

The video had him saying, “Hi. So, guys. It’s time to do what I must do. Live stream”. He then got up and went off camera, as a muffled sound of “ouch” could be heard as the deadly snake bit him. He returned on the camera telling viewers, “If I die, then I die.”

The couple, Arslan and Katya, were famous YouTubers who ran channels about snakes and cats, with thousands of followers. But the couple separated with friends saying that Arslan had accused his wife of cheating on him, while reports claimed he had beaten her and she had suffered a concussion.He had publicly apologized to his former wife a week ago for his behaviour but Ekaterina was in no mood to return. She had got a divorce and began a new relationship. She is yet to comment on the suicide of her former husband.

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