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World Beard Day 2023: Dates, History, Significance, Facts

According to research published in Behavioural Ecology, facial hair influences how people perceive the social status of an individual.

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World Beard Day 2023

World Beard Day 2023: World Beard Day is observed on the first Saturday of September and honours the ultimate symbol of grit. Since prehistoric times, the beard has been more than just a fashion statement; it has been regarded as a sign of masculinity. In some cultures, the beard symbolises virtues such as fortitude, wisdom, and even social status. There is something about a beard that inspires awe and reverence; therefore, it merits a day of celebration.

The Background of World Beard Day

Before the invention of shaving creams and razors, cave inhabitants sported beards. Even though it is believed that these early humans shaved with clamshells instead of razors, they are typically depicted with untamed, bushy beards. Around 4000 BCE, grooming gained popularity and beards began to be trimmed or removed.

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia developed an early prototype of grooming cream. The beard has maintained its prestige throughout history, from going to combat to exercising dominance. Except in the Arab world, where they are viewed as a necessity, beards are no longer customary in modern society. Over the years, popular beard styles have included the lumberjack, the biker, and the classic.

We do not know the origin of World Beard Day, but some historians assert that the Danish Vikings celebrated a day honouring beards as early as 800 A.D.

Obviously, we doubt that there was a reliable source comparable to National Today that ensured whiskers were celebrated annually on a specific date and in multiple regions.

In the 1600s, Sir Anthony van Dyke, a Flemish artist, created portraits of nobility with pointed moustaches and beards. This fashion was known as the Van Dyke. Wax or pomade was used to form the goatee, which was then combed or brushed. The men of this time period treated their facial hair very seriously, ensuring that their beards maintained their shape while they slept.

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Activities commemorating World Beard Day

Expand it out

If you’ve never had facial hair before, now is the time to start. It’s okay if you haven’t been successful in the past; simply look up advice online and discover a shape that best suits you.

Present a beard package

Give a beard maintenance kit to anyone you know who takes pride in his facial hair. It is crucial.

Try a new fashion

Are you sick of your ordinary beard? Try a new fashion! Consult images on Pinterest or other message boards, and enhance your beard at home or have a professional do it.

Five fascinating facts about beards

  • In the Victorian era, doctors prescribed facial hair to prevent illness.
  • According to research published in Behavioural Ecology, facial hair influences how people perceive the social status of an individual.
  • Before conflicts, facial hair was viewed as either armour or a liability, depending on the perspective of the leader.
  • Sean Conway, a swimmer, maintained a beard to protect his face from jellyfish stings.
  • Hans Langseth, a Norwegian-American whose goatee is over 17 feet long, holds the record for the longest beard in the world.

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World Beard Day 2023: Dates

Year Date Day
2023 September 2 Saturday
2024 September 7 Saturday
2025 September 6 Saturday
2026 September 5 Saturday