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World Cancer Day 2017: Some hard-hitting facts about the deadly disease!

The World Cancer Day is observed on February 4 every year to bring awareness about the deadly disease and encourage early detection in people for treatment and prevention.

The World Cancer Day was first observed in 2000 at the ‘World Summit Against Cancer’ held in Paris.  The day was founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) with an aim to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration. The main objective of the World Cancer Day is to reduce the harms triggered by the lethal disease by 2020.

Here are some alarming facts about the deadly disease, Cancer,  in India:

  1. More women than men are diagnosed with cancer every year
  2. Breast cancer cases are major threat as they are not detected in early stages
  3. About 66 out of 3289 women examined in five different states were found with breast cancer
  4. Around 5.37 lakh Indian women were detected with cancer in 2012 against 4.77 lakh men
  5. Regardless of growing treatments, the deadly disease has been reaching all over
  6. Around 8.2 million people still die of cancer yearly and half of them are aged between 30 and 69
  7. The figure may go up to 11.5 million by 2025 and 13 million by 2030

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