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Yamashita Surrender Day 2023: Dates, History, Significance, Facts

Lieutenant Macario Albaradillo effectively breached Japanese lines in Baguio City in order to capture General Yamashita.

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Yamashita Surrender Day 2023

Yamashita Surrender Day 2023: Yamashita Surrender Day is observed on September 3, as declared by President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. Since World War II began in Baguio City, this event is the pinnacle of the country’s abundant historical events. Even though it is a special working holiday, Filipinos are encouraged to recognise the historical significance of this day as they commemorate the surrender of Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita at Camp John Hay 77 years ago. Today is dedicated to honouring the fallen soldiers who fought valiantly for peace, order, and liberty.

Yamashita Surrender Day 2023: HISTORY

Every year on September 3, the Philippines observe Yamashita Surrender Day. On December 8, 1941, ten hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbour, the first Japanese overt air raid commenced in the Ifugao province of the Philippines. Nineteen days after occupying Baguio City, the Japanese established Camp John Hay as their military base. This marked the beginning of World War II in the Philippines, which would be followed by a three-year Japanese occupation.

The Japanese promptly drafted a new government structure for the entire country, formerly known as the Commonwealth of the Philippines. This activity was strongly opposed by underground groups and guerillas that would eventually encompass a substantial portion of the country. From Luzon to the southernmost islands, Filipinos swore to fight against the Japanese. During this period, the U.S. Army Forces Far East (U.S.A.F.F.E.) and other local militia in Visayan islands such as Panay, Bohol, and Negros formed notable guerilla forces. And despite being the most remote island, Colonel Wendell Fertig consolidated approximately 38,000 guerillas on Mindanao. Despite their determination to take over and fight against the Japanese forces, they encountered numerous obstacles, including difficult terrains and a lack of supplies. Early in 1942, it became impossible to gather these parties because they were dispersed across a large archipelago. However, by November of the same year, communications were restored and the plan was back on track. Submarines supplied the guerillas with weapons, equipment, and radios, and the majority of groups were prepared to begin the revolution.

The conflict continued for three years until the Japanese imperial forces surrendered on September 2, 1945. The guerrillas had captured General Tomoyuki Yamashita of the Japanese Imperial Army. This day is also known as the Yamashita Fall, as it marked the official conclusion of World War II in Japan. He signed the surrender document at Camp John Hay on September 3. At this juncture, the Philippines had already experienced significant destruction and loss of life. Approximately one million Filipinos were murdered as a result of multiple war crimes. The Yamashita Surrender Day commemorates the valiant Filipinos who fought for the nation’s independence.


Prior to the Japanese occupation of the Philippines, General Yamashita was referred to as the “Tiger of Malaya.” After successfully conquering the Malay Peninsula and Singapore, he acquired this title.

Lieutenant Macario Albaradillo effectively breached Japanese lines in Baguio City in order to capture General Yamashita.

Operation Musketeer I, II, and III were the codenames for the Philippines’ liberation.

In addition to General Tomyuki Yamashita, Admiral Denshichi Okochi also capitulated.

In February 2019, President Rodrigo Duterte signed Republic Act 11216, officially declaring September 3 as Yamashita Surrender Day.


Few Filipinos are cognizant of the Japanese occupation and Philippine liberation, two historical events. Citizens can observe Yamashita Surrender Day to honour the soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives to restore the nation’s freedom.

Numerous great-grandparents of the younger generation participated in the Philippine Liberation Movement. Observing Yamashita Surrender Day honours and respects them for their service.

Preserving the past is essential to progressing. By commemorating Yamashita Surrender Day, the newer generation is reminded of the nation’s illustrious past.

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Year Date Day
2023 September 3 Sunday
2024 September 3 Tuesday
2025 September 3 Wednesday
2026 September 3 Thursday
2027 September 3 Friday