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Your Personal AI Assistant with a New Skill Set: Meet Google Bard

In addition, Google has modified Bard's "Google it" button, making it simpler to verify the accuracy of its answers.

By Tarique Anwer
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Your Personal AI Assistant with a New Skill Set: Bard, Google’s generative AI chatbot, will soon be able to analyze the user’s Gmail, Drive, and Docs to display pertinent information. Google refers to Bard Extensions as Bard’s most competent model to date. It was created to provide “more helpful” responses. Bard can also integrate with Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights and hotels to provide pertinent information in addition to Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Additionally, the “Google it” feature has been enhanced, which essentially verifies the accuracy of Bard’s answers via Google search.

Your Personal AI Assistant with a New Skill Set: Features of Google Bard Extensions

Thanks to Bard Extensions, users can now ask the chatbot to search their Gmail, Drive, and Docs for pertinent information, such as when planning a trip or summarizing information on a particular topic. In addition, Bard Extension provides access to Google Flight and Hotel for real-time flight and hotel information searches.

Addressing data privacy concerns, Bard’s Director of Product Management Yury Pinsky stated in a blog post that human reviewers will not have access to users’ confidential information, including content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive. Pinsky added that users’ personal information will not be used to display them advertisements or train the Bard model. The blog post stated, “Of course, you are always in control of your privacy settings when deciding how to use these extensions, and you can disable them at any time.”

Google It Refreshes

In addition, Google has modified Bard’s “Google it” button, making it simpler to verify the accuracy of its answers. Notably, the feature is currently accessible only in English. To search the Internet for references to a specific Bard response, select the “G” icon. Users can click on the highlighted phrases to obtain additional information. With the latest update, sharing and expanding on these conversations will become simpler. For instance, users can share their Bard chat with others via a public link, and they can continue the same conversation by posing additional queries to the chatbot.

This is the most recent of the numerous modifications that Google has made to Bard. Recent additions to the company’s language support include Hindi. Bard was also updated to offer better responses. People can, for instance, listen to Bard’s responses, alter the tone and manner of his responses, and more.

In April of this year, a significant update pertaining to code generation was announced. It enables the AI chatbot to generate code, perform debugging, and explain code, which, according to the company, will assist users with programming and software development duties. Support for 20 programming languages, including C++, Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and Typescript, has been added. Bard can also explain code fragments, making it simpler for programmers-in-training to comprehend codes.


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