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Zara Mumbai outlet treated these two women as ‘shoplifters’

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Zara Mumbai outlet treated these two women as 'shoplifters'

Clothes maketh a man, is an old saying and frankly should have been in the graves like the person who said it. When you sell a product or service your business doesn’t stop at the selling stage. You’re basically selling as long as the customer or client is your customer or client.

It’s not because they bought from you that they will stick to you if you treat them badly. If you feel that you can afford to treat your customers badly, they will have no problem leaving you for someone who will treat them better. However, Zara’s outlet in High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel Mumbai doesn’t think so. Because retail workers have little to no recourse for bad and abusive customers, retail workers will become jaded, distrustful, angry, snooty and look at all customers as the same.

On 6th December 2019, two Mumbaikar sisters Puja Gokarn and Shruti Gokarn visited the Zara Outlet in Mumbai’s Palladium mall in High Street Phoenix. Shruti and Puja entered wearing what they say was ‘unacceptable by Zara standards’. This led to the Zara staff treating them with disdain and eyeing all their moves suspiciously. So much so that the staff refused to even show them the dresses they liked. The security guards even stopped them before leaving the store and asked the manager to check their bags.

We spoke to Puja Gokarn, who said ” I have experienced snooty staff before. And I think I want to visit the Zara outlet in Fort just to see whether the service there is, is any better or whether they are worth giving up on. After this incident we went to FBB outlet in the same mall, which was refreshing.”

So we assume, it has more to do with this particular outlet than the entire mall.


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