Ahmedabad: Deceased biker booked for colliding with cows resulting his death
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Ahmedabad: Deceased biker booked for colliding with cows resulting in his death

Ahmedabad traffic police reportedly forced a man to file an FIR against his deceased son, under section 279 of the IPC, affirming that “rash driving” was responsible for his death. However, the 28-year-old man had lost his life after he collided with two stray cows which came in the way of his motorcycle on an Ahmedabad highway in September 2018.

According to a report of a leading publication, the father the deceased Sanjay Patel said that it was not his son’s mistake but in fact the irresponsibility of the cattle owner who has left the cows on a busy road that led to the accident. The father also claimed that the cow came in front of his son’s car all of a sudden and hence he could not have done anything about it.

“I was told to sign the FIR which said that my son was responsible for his own death because he was speeding,” Mahesh said, adding, “The stray cows suddenly appeared on the road, and my son did not have any time to react. Isn’t it strange that instead of punishing cattle owners who let their animals stray, my dead son was blamed?”

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No action has been taken against the owners of the cattle. As per the report, Sanjay’s death is fit for investigation under the accidental death provisions.

The deceased Patel worked at a car dealership. He is survived by his wife Anita.

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