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Alascattalo Day 2023: Activities, History, Dates, and FAQs

We can be humorsome and joyful on this day while soaking up some Alaskan culture and humor.

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Alascattalo Day 2023 Activities, History, Dates, and FAQs

Alascattalo Day 2023: On November 21, an annual celebration known as Alascattalo Day takes place. A humorous festivity, it derives its name from the Alascattalo, an Alaskan mascot that is an amalgamation of a moose and a walrus. We can be humorsome and joyful on this day while soaking up some Alaskan culture and humor. Alaska is renowned for its relaxed and amicable atmosphere, and its residents certainly possess a wicked sense of humor! Alascattalo Day offers a glance into the Alaskan way of life through amusing road signs, peculiar attractions, and hilarious individuals.

Alascattalo Day History

Although Alascattalo Day appears to be an unusual holiday, it is undeniably enjoyable. This occasion honors Alaskan humor, as the indigenous population possesses an extraordinary ability to concoct amusing anecdotes. The day was named after an imaginary creature known as the Alascattalo, which was a hybrid of a walrus and a moose. It is said that during the Alaskan Gold Rush at the turn of the 20th century, miners fostered the legendary creature. An asteroid has been designated in honor of this fantastical being, which is quite peculiar.

It is not uncommon for Alaskans to recount humorous and fictitious tales regarding Northland; the Alascattalo story is no exception. Steven C. Levi, an Alaska-based commercial writer, established Alascattalo Day more than two decades ago, commencing with the Alascattalo Day Parade in Anchorage, in observance of this occasion. The parade proceeds down a one-block corridor and lasts approximately four minutes. At three minutes past noon, participants in the “longest-running shortest parade in American history” don disguises and depart. To commemorate Alascattalo Day in grand fashion, one may purchase merchandise featuring amusing walrus or moose figures.

In addition to the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, the World Ice Art Championships, the Blueberry Festival, the Alaska Hummingbird Festival, Sitka Whale Fest, and Stikine River Garnet Fest, Alaska observes numerous other annual celebrations.

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Alascattalo Day 2023 FAQs

Who bestowed the appellation Alaska upon it?

The appellation originates from the Aleut people, who inhabit the region between Kamchatka Krai, Russia, and Alaska. The nomenclature ‘Alaska’ originates from the Aleutian term ‘Alaxsxaq,’ which is alternatively rendered ‘Alyeska’ and signifies the mainland.

For what is Alaska renowned?

Salmon, caribou, bears, glaciers, fjords, mountains, and waterways are all hallmarks of Alaska. Additionally, their Alascattalo!

What is the motto of Alaska?

“North to the Future” is the motto of Alaska, which Juneau newsman Richard Peter conceived. Its purpose is to portray Alaska as a land of potential.

Alascattalo Day 2023 Activities

Present an Alaskan-themed present

Unravel a friend on Alascattalo Day with an eccentric present that is connected to the motif. A figurine, shirt, or headwear featuring a moose or walrus is available for purchase.

Attend the Day Parade of Alascatello

You can maximize your enjoyment of this day by embarking on a journey to Alaska. Participate in the Alascatello Day Parade while in Anchorage for an entertaining way to experience this rather peculiar holiday in person.

The book “Alascattalo Tales: A Treasury of Alaskan Humor” should be read.

To read “Alascattalo Tales: A Treasury of Alaskan Humor” and gain a comprehensive understanding of Alaskan humor, one could pass the day secluded in bed.


Year Date Day
2023 November 21 Tuesday
2024 November 21 Thursday
2025 November 21 Friday
2026 November 21 Saturday
2027 November 21 Sunday