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American Chess Day 2023 U.S: Date, History, Activities, Significance

Have many acquaintances who share your passion for chess? Gather everyone together and then pair them up for activities.

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International Chess Day 2023

American Chess Day 2023: Chess, a game of strategy and skill, is played worldwide by people of all ages. Two opponents face off on a checkers-style board and alternately advance their kings, queens, rooks, knights, bishops, and pawns along the 64-square board. The length of a game varies; great players can dispatch their opponents in a matter of minutes or spend hours strategizing their every move. To triumph, a player must use his pieces to capture the opponent’s, with the ultimate objective of capturing the opponent’s king. Check, please! Often referred to as “The Game of Kings,” chess can be played in person with another player or on a computer against opponents from around the world.

On September 1, chess fans in the United States can commemorate their passion for the game on American Chess Day.


Conduct your own chess competition.

Have many acquaintances who share your passion for chess? Gather everyone together and then pair them up for activities. Create a bracket for the tournament and advance the victors to the championship game. Make it formal with chess clocks and award a trophy to the winner!

New York City’s “Chess District” is worth a visit.

Immerse yourself in an entire neighbourhood that celebrates American Chess Day every day. Use one of the renowned outdoor tables in Washington Square Park to play a game. Check out the Village Chess Shop, where you can purchase international chess sets. Or, take a stroll to the Marshall Chess Club, one of the earliest chess clubs in the United States (founded in 1915) and a frequent host of the United States Chess Championship.

Instruct a fresh player.

Every sport or activity requires a new generation of enthusiasts. Use the occasion to introduce someone who has never played to the game. First, familiarise the new player with the board and all of the pieces. Teach them how each piece ranks and moves across the board. Play practise games to acclimatise the player to the various tactics and strategies once the rules have been covered. Discuss the outcomes of each of their prospective options during each of their turns. They will begin to appreciate the creativity and care that goes into each game and fall in love!


Chess is not an ordinary board game. Checkers are accessible to anyone. How about Snakes and Ladders? No worries. But chess is on an entirely different plane. You must simultaneously consider your imminent next step and subsequent steps. Additionally, you must forecast your opponent’s next move. It is an extraordinary game of strategy and mental acuity.

After years of petitioning, the United States Chess Federation attracted the attention of President Ford, who officially acknowledged the game as one that “provides challenge, intellectual stimulation, and enjoyment for citizens of all ages.” Woody Allen, Madonna, former Vice President Al Gore, and Queen Elizabeth II of England are all rumoured to be avid chess players. President Ford was not the only prominent person to enjoy the game.

Four months of chess instruction and play resulted in an increase in IQ, according to a Venezuelan study. Another study found that games that require participants to use their brains, particularly for senior players, reduce the likelihood of developing dementia. In addition, it improves problem-solving abilities because players must manoeuvre and manage the game and their opponent.

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Year Date Day
2023 September 1 Friday
2024 September 1 Sunday
2025 September 1 Monday
2026 September 1 Tuesday
2027 September 1 Wednesday