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America, a country of Child Marriages!

America, a country of Child Marriages!

If you’re thinking that child marriages are only prevalent in developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, this report will burst your bubble. Over 167,000 people aged 17 or under, married in 38 states between 2000 and 2010 in America. The statistics is based on a search of existing marriage license[Read More…]

Yogi Adityanath – Modi’s Masterstroke

  BJP won a monumental mandate in just concluded elections in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). And the only question on the mind of every political analyst and every person on the street of India was “Who will be the Chief Minister of UP?” Will Modi-Shah duo opt for[Read More…]

Ayodhya: Heavy police deployment ahead of VHP’ Dharma Sabha

Step towards Ram temple resolution

The Supreme Court’s advice on revival of talks in the Ayodhya Temple-Masjid controversy has laid the path for a step on the road to the resolution of the issue. Obviously, some concerned people think that there is nothing left to say in the talks and it’s true that it would[Read More…]

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