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BJP not to miss any opportunity eulogising mob lynching

By Saurav Kumar
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BJP not to miss any opportunity eulogising mob lunching

One needs to accept the fact, mob lynching was never a new phenomenon in India but it has attained a normalized form specifically under the Modi government. A dangerous trend of mob violence is grasping India and is becoming the normal way of dealing with displeasure.

The right-wing Hindutva brigade with its politics has made the climate and environment of rumour, suspicion, insecurity and paranoia among the masses. Fear can be of child lifter or cattle-lifter or beef possession, it needs only two subjects- one is the mob and the other is the target. Mob lynching has become a ritual just due to die-hard efforts of BJP and its leaders. We must look out for the difference in lynching character of the society of past and contemporary times. Earlier this happened as sudden outburst of people’s anger which was dimensionless far from political agenda but today’s mob lynch is complementary to the state machinery where leaders from nation’s largest political party BJP and from right-wing outfits, express their sympathy and support to people who have been convicted by the court of law, with due love and respect.

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This is not merely a claim but senior leaders of Modi government, its leaders have been practising this as a ritual from 2016 till date. Three such examples are the hallmark of considering the right-wing politics as an ardent supporter of mob lynch phenomenon.

  1. In 2016, the first case of mob lynching came up from the state of Uttar Pradesh. A 50-year-old man, Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten to death on rumours of keeping beef meat in his house. Ravi Sisodia was the person convicted in this lynching case died in jail. His funeral was attended by Union Minister for Culture, Dr Mahesh Sharma. This was followed by a provocative and anti-muslim speech by at least 30 leaders. The VIP treatment to an accused of mob lynch was the inception of this eulogizing league.
  1. Last month, BJP Lok Sabha M.P from Godda, Jharkhand Nishikant Dubey made a promise of paying the legal expenses of four men who were convicted in case of lynching two Muslim men. Keeping aside his logic of constitutional right to have free legal assistance as he represents people of Godda, the motive remains very clear- to help the culprit of mob lynch and not to seek justice for the victim.
  1. Two days ago, Union Minister Jayant Sinha welcomed and felicitated eight men convicted in Ramgarh lynching case, Jharkhand after they were granted bail on 5th July 2018.

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Mob lynching, today is running hand in hand with the law enforcement agency i.e., the Police. A recent example is a lynching of Qasim in Hapur, U.P. which has to do with impunity to the mob which carries out lynching. Supporting this form of violence is anti-Muslim politics.

Just after Dadri incident of Mohammad Akhlaq’s lynching, Arun Jaitley after his lecture at the Columbia University was asked about his reaction to this murderous attack. He said- “India is a mature society. We need to rise above these kinds of incidents because they certainly don’t give a good name as far as the country is concerned,” he told reporters here after a lecture at Columbia University on Monday.”

Hope the veteran minister understands, gestures of his party colleagues are a real embarrassment for the whole human race and our nation which doesn’t endorse such dastardly act of brutality.

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