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Calan Gaeaf 2023: Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About Carol Gaef

Occasionally, Calan Gaeaf is referred to as the "Mother of Halloween!" Undoubtedly, the festivities often descend into the eerie.

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Calan Gaeaf 2023 Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About Carol Gaef

Calan Gaeaf 2023: Each year on November 1, Wales, United Kingdom, observes Calan Gaeaf to welcome winter. Nevertheless, this is no ordinary observance of the chilly months. Occasionally, Calan Gaeaf is referred to as the “Mother of Halloween!” Undoubtedly, the festivities often descend into the eerie. As the days grow shorter and the evenings grow longer and colder, Calan Gaeaf is also a celebration of the macabre and extraterrestrial beings. Children especially enjoy the occasion when they carve pumpkins and don costumes. Calan Gaeaf is an atypical festival that places significant emphasis on concepts such as the afterlife, ghouls, and mortality.

The History of Calan Gaef

Calan Gaeaf is frequently regarded as the progenitor of the Halloween celebration in the United States. Commemorated at the onset of winter, Calan Gaeaf served as a means of acquainting individuals with the impending dreary and brief months. The cooler air and longer evenings proved to be the ideal conditions for a spooky festival. It is called “Nos Galan Gaeaf” the night before Calan Gaeaf, when spirits are absent and have yet to visit humans. In order to prevent encounters with spirits, individuals avoid churchyards, stiles, and crossroads the evening before.

Similar to celebrations centered around ghosts and spirits, Calan Gaeaf is profoundly ingrained in superstitious beliefs. During the early stages of the festival, all participants would carve their names into rocks and perform around a bonfire. Following this, these pebbles were added to the fire. The villagers would hasten home when the fire was extinguished, fearing that ‘Yr Hwch Ddu Gwta’ (a spirit resembling a headless black sow with a woman) or ‘Y Ladi Wen’ (a headless phantom apparition) would pursue them and consume their souls if they remained.

The residents would return the following morning to determine whether the rocks still bore their imprint. Wiping the mark clear was regarded as a symbol of good fortune. However, in the event that a stone were to go missing, it was believed that the original owner would be afflicted with ill fortune, leading to their demise within a span of one year.

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FAQs on Calan Gaeaf 2023

What activities occur on Calan Gaeaf?

For Calan Gaeaf, individuals partake in communal gatherings, exchange eerie anecdotes, don elaborate costumes, and kindle flames.

What sort of celebration is the Calan Gaeaf?

An ancient Celtic celebration, Calan Gaeaf, heralds the onset of winter in Wales, United Kingdom.

Is the origin of Halloween in Wales?

It is believed that Halloween, which originated in 1745, is associated with the Celtic celebration ‘Samhain’ and the Welsh Celtic festival ‘Calan Gaeaf’ of the Brittonic tradition.

Calan Gaeaf 2023 Activities

Initiate a personal Calan Gaeaf

To celebrate Calan Gaeaf, extend an invitation to family and acquaintances. Participate in a costume contest, build a bonfire, and swap eerie tales. This is a splendid method of commemorating the festival.

Observe your preferred horror films

An additional approach to observing Calan Gaeaf is to watch the filthiest horror films throughout the night. The best way to commemorate the day is with a good scare, and what better way to do so than with horror films?

Explore a haunted dwelling

Observe Calan Gaeaf with grandeur by exploring a haunted home. True ghost stories and rumors regarding haunted properties are unparalleled. Together with your companions, investigate whether or not the entities speak to you.

Five terrifying horror film facts to view on Carol Gaef

The word “scream”

Drew Barrymore declined an offer to play the main character, Sidney, on the grounds that her demise earlier in the film would pique the audience’s interest more.

“On Friday the Thirteenth”

Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, an authentic scout camp in New Jersey, was utilized in the production of this movie.

The phrase “paranormal activity”

The director was so horrified by the film that he was compelled to halt the screening of a copy and rewatch it the following day, during daylight hours.

“A Nightmarish Street Nightmare”

This film’s interior and exterior shots of the primary residence were captured from a variety of locations.


In order to generate substantial profits on a low budget, the producers of this film had to get extremely inventive; they even used actual swine guts to represent an individual’s intestines (freaky!).


Year Date Day
2023 November 1 Wednesday
2024 November 1 Friday
2025 November 1 Saturday
2026 November 1 Sunday
2027 November 1 Monday