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Choose Women Wednesday 2023: Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts about Female Entrepreneurs

The event will take place on November 29 this year. The purpose of the day is to honor, support, attend to, and advocate for women.

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Choose Women Wednesday 2023 Activities, FAQs, Dates, History, and Facts About Female Entrepreneurs

Choose Women Wednesday 2023: Choose Women Wednesday is observed on the Wednesday following Thanksgiving each year. The event will take place on November 29 this year. The purpose of the day is to honor, support, attend to, and advocate for women. It also seeks to raise awareness about the numerous women who are effectively operating and working for businesses in a world that still believes that a woman’s place is at home.

Although the purpose of the day is to challenge these outdated beliefs, it fails to inspire individuals to recognize the strength and potential that women possess. The day educates businesses and customers alike on the importance of making the correct decision while also promoting women-owned enterprises and uplifting female entrepreneurs.

Choose Women Wednesday History

The Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization, a non-governmental organization whose goal is to support, honor, and empower women in business so they can help reduce global poverty, established Choose Women Wednesday in 2014.

It is held on the Wednesday following Thanksgiving, drawing inspiration from shopping and philanthropic occasions such as Giving Tuesday and Small Business Saturday.

Choose Women Wednesday was first established in 2016 under the name Women on Wednesday. Since then, it has been referred to by various names, such as Women Owned Wednesday, WomenWednesday, Women Wednesday, and Women Wednesday.

Although promoting female entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses is the primary objective of the day, it also seeks to alleviate poverty and close the gender disparity in all spheres. In addition to being a festive occasion, it symbolizes a social movement dedicated to advocating for women’s equitable recognition and the assistance they merit. This conflict stems from the persistent unequal treatment of women in the workplace with regard to compensation and opportunities, which is in contrast to the treatment of men.

According to research, female entrepreneurs receive less funding than their male counterparts on average. For the benefit of all, it is crucial to promote movements such as these that engage individuals in supporting, relating to, and advocating for women from diverse backgrounds. Not only is it time to eliminate the gender pay gap, but it is also time to shatter the glass ceiling and declare to all that is present that the era of preferential treatment towards males has passed. It is time to adopt a female-centric perspective and reject patriarchy.

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FAQs for Choose Women Wednesday 2023

What is the ratio of female to male entrepreneurs in terms of percentage?

In recent years, 47% of women initiated business ventures, while 44% of men did the same.

At what number do women entrepreneurs exist globally?

252 million entrepreneurs out of an estimated 582 million around the globe are female, according to statistical data.

How numerous are female entrepreneurs in the United States?

At present, the number of female entrepreneurs in the United States exceeds 12.3 million.

Choose Women Wednesday 2023 Activities

Support women-owned enterprises

Visit websites, stores, and restaurants that are owned by women and shop with intention. There are numerous enterprises owned and operated by women in virtually every industry that are striving for success.

Advise ladies

Women-owned businesses should be endorsed to friends and family and patronized accordingly. Each new client contributes!

Increase consciousness

Distribute content on social media platforms that pertain to female entrepreneurship and Choose Women Wednesday. Educate oneself and others in order to foster a society characterized by greater egalitarianism.

Five Fascinating Facts Regarding Female Entrepreneurs

Women are more likely to establish enterprises.

In the majority of regions worldwide, women are approximately one-third more likely to establish a business out of necessity than males.

Inequitable allocation

Early-stage entrepreneurship is more prevalent among women originating from low to middle-income countries in comparison to their counterparts from higher-income countries.

They are numerous in number.

Feminine entrepreneurs constitute approximately one-third of the global entrepreneurial workforce.

Workday with Our Daughters at Home

The 1993 promotion of “Take Our Daughters to Work Day” encouraged females to consider pursuing careers in the workforce.

Genuinely self-made

Madame C.J. Walker, the inaugural female millionaire, was born into former slaveholding parents and became an orphan at the age of seven. From nothing, she constructed her dominion.


Year Date Day
2023 November 29 Wednesday
2024 December 4 Wednesday
2025 December 3 Wednesday
2026 December 2 Wednesday


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