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D.B. Cooper Day 2023: Dates, FAQs, History, Activities, And Facts About D. B. Cooper

A suitable individual named Dan Cooper absconded from an aircraft en route from Portland to Seattle in 1971 via parachuting.

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D.B. Cooper Day 2023 Dates, FAQs, History, Activities, And Facts About D. B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper Day 2023: D.B. Cooper Day is observed annually on November 24 and is in honor of one of the most renowned enigmas in history. A suitable individual named Dan Cooper absconded from an aircraft en route from Portland to Seattle in 1971 via parachuting. What is the catch? It appears that he vanished into thin air and was never discovered in his state of health or death. A festival is held on D. B. Cooper Day in Ariel, Washington, the small community where Cooper is believed to have landed, to commemorate the investigation, skyjacking, and subsequent enigma. The 50th anniversary will occur in 2021, and the heated debate persists.

An Overview of D.B. Cooper Day

A man identifying himself as Dan Cooper (also known as D. B. Cooper) purchased a $20 one-way ticket for Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 on November 24, 1971. He was six feet tall, mid-40s, and wore a trench coat, suit, and loafers and carried a briefcase.

He informed Florence Schaffner, a flight attendant, via note after takeoff that he was in possession of a device and that the aircraft was undergoing a hijacking. Schaffner was shown the bomb, which appeared to be a collection of cables, red sticks, and a battery, by him as he opened his briefcase.

In a subsequent note, he demanded that he be awarded $200,000 in $20 bills and two parachutes upon the plane’s arrival in Seattle. Additionally, he desired that the aircraft be refueled prior to the next departure. His demands were complied with when 36 passengers were evacuated upon the aircraft’s arrival in Seattle. During the refueling process, he compelled the presence of two flight attendants and one flight engineer. He instructed them to pilot the aircraft to Mexico City at a speed of less than 200 knots and below 10,000 feet. He disappeared without a trace into the night after making the decision to parachut from the aircraft in the midst of flight, allegedly over Ariel, Washington.

The case swept the nation almost immediately. A total of 800 individuals were apprehended throughout the initial five years of Investigation NORJAK (Northwest Hijacking); however, the vast majority were acquitted. The FBI initially suspected he had a military background, but swiftly disproved that notion in light of D. B. Cooper’s perilous and ill-conceived escape strategy. After years of minimal progress, the investigation was ultimately terminated in order to reallocate resources more effectively. This continues to be the only unresolved air piracy case investigated by the FBI.

The commemoration of this enigma is carried out on D. B. Cooper Day, which coincides with the anniversary of the hijacking that allegedly began in Ariel, Washington, where he subsequently vanished.

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FAQs for D.B. Cooper Day

D.B. Cooper’s concern was why twenty-dollar notes

Skydiving with smaller bills would have resulted in greater peril and increased weight. Although safer, larger legislation would have been more difficult to pass.

Does Dan Cooper go by the name D. B. Cooper?

Later, it was determined that Dan Cooper was an alias.

Could D. B. Cooper continue to exist?

Although the likelihood is extremely remote, D. B. Cooper may still be alive. His age would have been considerable by this time if that were the case.

D.B. Cooper Day 2023 Activities

Attend THE soiree

If in Washington, organize an excursion to Ariel and, if there, attend the D. B. Cooper Day celebration at Dona Eliott’s Ariel General Store and Tavern. Although it had been closed for many years, discussions regarding its reopening and a “Restore the Ariel Store” fundraising campaign began in 2019.

View D. B. Cooper’s material

Hospitably observe this day at home by organizing a movie day. Select one of the numerous documentaries that have been produced on the subject.

Investigate D. B. Cooper

Numerous publications have been written in reference to the D. B. Cooper case. One, in fact, was composed by FBI personnel!

Five fascinating details regarding D. B. Cooper

His work sparked imitations.

Due to the case’s widespread attention, numerous individuals made valiant attempts but were unable to replicate his hijacking.

He revolutionized aviation safety.

In the wake of the D. B. Cooper case, airports and airlines implemented revised security protocols.

His name was D.B. Cooper.

His clothes and appearance resemble James Bond.

He is a celebrity.

D. B. Cooper has served as a substantial source of inspiration for numerous films and television programs.

He might have passed away.

Twenty pounds of cash and a leap from an aircraft in flight into a dense forest during a frigid winter nocturnal indicate that he has minimal prospects of survival.


Year Date Day
2023 November 24 Friday
2024 November 24 Sunday
2025 November 24 Monday
2026 November 24 Tuesday
2027 November 24 Wednesday