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DrinksGiving 2023: History, FAQs, Dates, and Activities

As adults return home for Thanksgiving weekend, local establishments are crowded with friends and family who gather for a drink and some mirth.

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DrinksGiving 2023 History, FAQs, Dates, and Activities

DrinksGiving 2023: DrinksGiving, which is observed this year on November 22, the evening before Thanksgiving, is the pinnacle of homecoming festivities. As adults return home for Thanksgiving weekend, local establishments are crowded with friends and family who gather for a drink and some mirth. Each year, it is as if a Springsteen song were to come true in the actual world. Remember to consume alcohol responsibly and designate a D.D. If your transport is intoxicated, thankfully Lyft and Uber are available.

The History of Drinking

Although drinks giving may possess an unofficial historical record, proper execution ensures that nothing is documented (or, indeed, remembered). Nevertheless, the historical development of alcohol is a subject worthy of discussion. In 2018, researchers unearthed the earliest brewery in the world within a cave beneath prehistoric burial grounds near Haifa, Israel. Researchers have identified alcohol residue dating back 13,000 years, which they hypothesize may have been utilized for homage purposes. Traces of alcohol derived from wheat and barley were detected in stone mortars that were fashioned into the cave floor. Previously, it was hypothesized that the production of beer began in Babylon 5000 years ago; however, this new discovery places the date approximately 8000 years earlier.

Alcoholic beverage evidence has been discovered in several locations throughout history, including Hajji (5,400–5,000 BCE), Firuz Tepe (Iran), Babylon (3000 BCE), pre-Hispanic Mexico (2000), and Sudan 1500 BCE. Guinness records that the earliest definitive indications of wine production can be traced back to Georgia in 6000 BCE. In Classical Greece, wine was typically ingested with breakfast or at symposia; by the 1st century BCE, the majority of Roman citizens had adopted it into their diet. In general, both the ancient Greeks and the Romans consumed attenuated wine, with proportions ranging from one part wine to one part water to one part wine to four parts water.

Alcohol was documented for its medicinal properties in Sumerian and Egyptian texts that date back to approximately 2100 BCE. The Hebrew Bible suggests that those who are dying or depressed be given alcoholic beverages to help them ignore their suffering.

During the Middle Ages, beer (of extremely low strength) was a popular beverage among people of all professions and ages in Europe. A historical document attests that nuns were granted a daily stipend of six gallons of ale. In general, pomace wine and cider were readily accessible, whereas grape wine was considered a luxury item reserved for the affluent.

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DrinksGiving 2023 FAQs

How can one consume socially without becoming intoxicated?

One effective strategy for engaging in social drinking while avoiding intoxication is to consume no more than one to two alcoholic beverages and abstain from consuming them for the remainder of the evening.

What constitutes a sporadic alcoholic?

An occasional drinker is an individual who consumes a maximum of three alcoholic beverages per night out and eight drinks per week.

Does consuming water induce intoxication?

While consuming water does not alleviate intoxication, it does mitigate the symptoms associated with a hangover. Although numerous sobriety suggestions exist, a significant number of them are unfounded. When you awaken in the middle of the night, it is best to consume a large glass of water and keep a refill by your bedside. Staying hydrated in the morning will significantly improve your mood.

DrinksGiving 2023 Activities

Gather with childhood acquaintances at the local bar in your hometown.

That tavern when you were too young to consume alcohol? You are indeed mature enough at this point. Sorry, but you won’t even receive a card. Collect at the designated adult hangout location, now that you are all adults in good standing. While contemplating the past, the present, and the future, utter the following: “Man. Did high school truly seem like so long ago?

Gather guests and prepare your own mixed beverages.

Not planning to spend the holidays in your hometown? Everything is fine, because “home” truly is one’s spirit. Additionally, you are presently engrossed in the preparation of homemade mixed beverages for your companions from your kitchen. Demonstrate your aptitude for bartending by experimenting with the contents of your refrigerator. Unexpected treasure search beverages in the refrigerator are always the most appetizing.

Rekindle your preferred drinking activities

Honestly, this is beyond anything we have experienced since college; therefore, you should definitely have a few bottles of water on hand in order to maintain your composure. A social drinking game is enjoyed by all, including the one acquaintance who does not consume alcohol but brings along a soda to participate.


Year Date Day
2023 November 22 Wednesday
2024 November 27 Wednesday