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Enough of Instagram challenges, try this 15 day home remedies skin glowing challenge!

It's day 8 of quarantine and you must be wondering what to do now so we are here to suggest you some great idea and one of them is to take care of your skin.

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It’s day 8 of quarantine and you must be wondering what to do now so we are here to suggest you some great idea and one of them is to take care of your skin and that can be done sitting at home using the basic things which are always there in the house and that can leave you with the instant glow.

Many of us are aware of the Instagram challenges that have now become a part of us as we all are bored at home so why not to try this challenge of #15dayskincarechallenege, this challenge will definitely reward you as you will get the glow that you were looking for so long.

Here is 15-day routine that you need to follow:

DAY 1:

Aloe vera has healing properties and may stimulate new cell growth. It also soothes and moisturizes without clogging pores. Using aloe vera after you’ve washed your face each day may give your skin that healthy glow.

It’s possible to be allergic to aloe vera. Test it first by rubbing a small amount on your forearm and if there’s no reaction in 24 hours, it should be safe to use.

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Day 2:

Curd and pinch of turmeric can give you an instant glow and thus apply it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes and yes girl, you are all set for your day 2 glow.

Day 3:

This simple DIY green tea mask contains only three ingredients, but they’re all super beneficial for your skin. Matcha powder, raw honey, and aloe gel. Together, these ingredients will help you fight acne, redness, dry skin, and will even help slow down aging.

Day 4:

This is a perfect DIY Fall face mask that will leave your skin smelling like a pumpkin spice latte. Yum! It will also revitalize your skin and you can even turn it into a daily exfoliating scrub if you want.

Day 5:

Activated charcoal has been quite popular in beauty products recently, including being used in toothpaste. Well, you can also use it in face masks! This particular mask combines the activated charcoal powder with coconut oil and bentonite clay to create a refreshing mask that will exfoliate and purify your skin.

Day 6:

Coffee, honey, and cocoa – those are the ingredients in this DIY face mask, and it sounds absolutely divine. The creator of the mask says it gives her a boost of energy in the morning while also reducing puffiness in the face. Sounds great to me!

Day 7:

This DIY face mask contains only two ingredients, but they’re powerful ones: aloe vera and honey. These ingredients put together will help hydrate and clean your skin and after you wash it off, your face will be glowing.

Day 8:

The main ingredient in this mask is turmeric powder, and while that might seem weird at first, turmeric can actually benefit your skin quite a bit. It can help give you a natural glow, may help reduce acne scars, and can even help heal wounds.

Day 9:

This DIY face mask is so natural looking I’d be tempted to use it as a chip dip if I didn’t know better! With avocado, honey, coconut oil, rolled oats, and lavender essential oil, this mask will hydrate and exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth, soft, and refreshed.

Day 10:

With the main ingredient in this mask being Himalayan pink salt, this is another mask that is great for exfoliating the skin. The Himalayan salt has other benefits too though: it may help you relax, and it will help fight acne as well.

Day 11:

This is a pretty basic DIY face mask, but with honey and coconut oil, you already know it’s going to work wonders. Simple and effective!

Day 12:

If you haven’t noticed the pattern already: a ton of these natural DIY face masks use honey. This mask combines the power of honey with bananas to create a mask that will soothe skin, help fight off acne, and leave your face hydrated.

Day 13:

Take a trip to the tropics with this fun DIY face mask! The papaya in this mask has anti-aging properties and the clay will help moisturize your skin.

Day 14:

Ending off our list we have a classic mud mask. This mask is easy to make and will leave your skin feeling purified and smooth. Grab the cucumbers!

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Day 15:

Besides adding a fun, bright color to any mask you make and smelling great, turmeric actually also has anti-inflammatory properties as well, making it quite beneficial indeed for your skin. Lemon, on the other hand, has a brightening effect that has the capacity to make you feel revitalized.


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