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Gurgaon: Student held for faking his own kidnapping to get money from family members

A bizarre incident was reported where the Gurgaon police arrested a 19-year-old boy for allegedly faking his kidnapping in order to get money from his family members to buy a high-end car.

19-year-old Sandeep Kumar a class 12 student from Krishna Nagar has gone missing since March 29. He reportedly left for his cricket academy.

The investigation revealed that he gave Rs 500 to a ragpicker to make a ransom call to his brother Naveen Kumar. After which he stayed in Bhiwadi for a couple of days after leaving his motorcycle near a temple so that kidnapping looked real and genuine.

Gurgaon police PRO said, “He later returned to Gurgaon, where a traffic cop spotted him and handed him to the local police as his family members had already lodged an FIR.”

The boy misled the police by narrating a fake story of falling unconscious after his abduction. But after reaching the spot when the technical leads didn’t match his ordeal, he broke down and confessed the truth.

He confessed that he had faked his own kidnapping to get Rs three crore from his family members in order to buy a high-end car.

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