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International Students Day 2023: History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts

Nine protesters were detained and executed without trial by Nazi forces in 1939, and over 1,200 students were sent to concentration camps.

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International Students Day 2023 History, Activities, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About World University

International Students Day 2023: Thanksgiving is International Students’ Day on November 17. This day honors the valor of thousands of Prague students who fought for the right to higher education and national pride. Nine protesters were detained and executed without trial by Nazi forces in 1939, and over 1,200 students were sent to concentration camps. A considerable number did not survive. On International Students’ Day, their sacrifice is honored. Furthermore, although we may appear to be on opposite ends of the spectrum at present, the right to education and peaceful protest continue to be contentious issues in numerous nations. In observance of International Students’ Day, let us fortify our determination to safeguard the rights of the younger generation and assist them by directing them to appropriate resources, such as Scholaroo—a platform that furnishes information on educational resources and scholarships.

International Students Day History

Before delving into International Students’ Day, it is prudent to retrace the preceding events. Upon the ascension of Adolf Hitler to power in 1933, the Third Reich immediately initiated assertive territorial claims beyond the borders of Germany. In 1938, the Nazis occupied Austria for the first time, Hitler’s native land. Subsequently, Czechoslovakia was compelled to cede portions of its territory. The occupation of the Czech regions by Germany compelled Slovakia to partition into a satellite state.

A demonstration was organized by students enrolled in the Medical Faculty at Charles University in Prague in 1939 to mark the occasion of the establishment of an autonomous Czechoslovak Republic. The gathering was violently repressed by the Nazis, leading to the tragic demise of Jan Opletal, a student.

His funeral procession, which was attended by thousands of students, evolved into an anti-Nazi demonstration. In response, the Nazi regime implemented the complete closure of all educational institutions in Czechoslovakia. They detained and exiled more than 1,200 students to concentration camps in a shocking display of brute force. However, the worst was not yet over. The Nazis apprehended nine demonstrators on November 17 and executed them without trial.

Historiographers posit that the Third Reich sanctioned the funeral procession in anticipation of its violent consequences. It would provide the necessary validation for the regime to shut down all universities in the Czech Republic, inflicting a severe blow to academic and student activist rebellion.

International Students’ Day is observed on November 17 to honor the valor of student activists who stormed the University of Prague during the Nazi invasion in 1939. In 1941, the inaugural observance was conducted at the International Students’ Council located in London. Students made the decision to institute International Students’ Day on November 17 at that location.

Numerous international student organizations and groups have continued to observe the day ever since. The day is observed as a national holiday in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The designated title for this day is “Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day.”

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FAQs regarding International Students Day

International Students Day is a day that…

It is International Students’ Day on November 17. The day honors the valor of Prague student demonstrators. Without trial, Nazi forces executed nine dissidents on this date in 1939, including eight students and one professor. In addition, they detained more than 1,200 pupils and interned them in concentration centers.

What advantages does it provide to be an international student?

International pupils acquire a global perspective due to their exposure to a variety of viewpoints and, consequently, opportunities. International universities enable pupils to gain exposure to individuals with a variety of interests and to travel the globe.

What is the 18th of November celebrated?

National Day of Naturopathy. The day, which is observed in India, aims to promote positive mental and physical health via the drugless medical system of naturopathy.

Observing International Students Day: A Guide

Coordinate activities at your university.

International Students’ Day serves as a poignant reminder of the strength of diversity as well as the youth’s potential. Promote the organization of events at your university that honor multiculturalism. Unify diverse groups for an intellectually stimulating day of film, music, discussion, and artwork from around the globe.

Discuss the matter.

Disseminate the information within your social circles. Disseminate information and resources via social media. The greater the number of individuals you can engage with, the better.

Communicate with a new person

Approach and extend a personal introduction to a new pupil or an exchange student in the classroom. Invite them to your home for dinner perhaps. Personal connections are unparalleled in their ability to dismantle preconceived notions and preconceptions.

Five World University Facts That Will Astound You

Where previously no university flag has flown

In 1969, Princeton graduate Charles “Pete” Conrad became the third individual to walk on the moon; he placed a Princeton flag on the moon’s surface.

In science, Iranian women outnumber those of other nations.

With more than 70 percent of engineering and pure science students being female, Iran has the highest female-to-male ratio among universities.

The first emblem of a university

‘Handsome Dan’ of Yale University was the inaugural mascot in the annals of American higher education.

Technically, M.I.T. students can transform into pirates.

Pupils who successfully finish sailing, pistol, fencing, and archery courses at M.I.T. are eligible to obtain a legitimate pirate’s license.

The largest scavenger hunt in the globe

Every year for four days, the University of Chicago organizes a scavenger search that features a three-course meal, cryptograms, challenges, and a 200-mile road trip.


Year Date Day
2023 November 17 Friday
2024 November 17 Sunday
2025 November 17 Monday
2026 November 17 Tuesday
2027 November 17 Wednesday


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