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​World Prematurity Day 2023: History, Activities, FAQs, and Dates

We love our newborns the instant they are placed in our arms. On World Prematurity Day, we are reminded of the health risks that premature infants may encounter throughout their lives.

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​World Prematurity Day 2023 History, Activities, FAQs, and Dates

World Prematurity Day 2023: As observed on November 17, we pause to express sympathy and solidarity with families undergoing the distressing process of premature births on World Prematurity Day, an initiative established by the March of Dimes. We love our newborns the instant they are placed in our arms. On World Prematurity Day, we are reminded of the health risks that premature infants may encounter throughout their lives. World Prematurity Day is an opportunity to display the immense affection and support that these infants require.

The History of World Premature Day

On November 17, 2011, World Prematurity Day was established to bring attention to the fact that millions of children are prematurely born each year. Despite advancements in medical procedures and technology in the United States, premature infants continue to be at a significant risk of developing cerebral palsy, developmental delays, hearing impairments, and vision difficulties.
Furthermore, although neonatal mortality rates in the United States are relatively low when compared to the majority of the world, 25% of all neonatal fatalities are attributed to premature births.
This is one of the numerous purposes for which World Prematurity Day was established: to raise awareness about the dangers and difficulties associated with premature births, to promote proven and cost-effective solutions, and to extend sympathy to families who have endured such circumstances.
However, despite this, numerous premature infants mature into fully functional adults, and a few even attain notoriety in the public eye as Winston Churchill and Albert Einstein did.

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Concerns Regarding World Premature Day FAQs

Could preemies bear children?

No, a preemie is not capable of bearing children, as it is an infant. However, there is no reason why being preterm as an adult would impede your ability to conceive.

What color ribbon is appropriate for premature infants?

Individuals observe World Prematurity Day by donning purple ribbons as a display of solidarity. It is, in fact, your color.

Define the term “premature baby.”

Premature birth refers to any delivery that occurs three weeks or more prior to the expected due date of the infant.

Which month is March of Dimes observed?

The month of November is observed as the March of Dimes.

​World Prematurity Day 2023 Activities

Share images via social media

Numerous individuals are unaware of premature infants. Sharing images of premature infants on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can have a significant impact. Seeing such minuscule organisms with tubes protruding from their mouths or in incubators could be unsettling. However, this is a crucial method to bring the issue of premature births to the forefront. Your image may very well spark a movement.

Assemble a care package

Numerous organizations sponsor preemie care shipments. These gifts frequently comprise doll-sized apparel, bottles, diapers, and comforters. Additionally, some hospitals offer these packages to families with infants weighing less than three pounds at no additional cost. Alternatively, you could purchase some items and donate them to a new mother.

Extract the purple

The official color of National World Prematurity Day is purple. Consider getting a purple ribbon tattoo or donning your purple ribbon pendant. By illuminating your office or residence with a purple bulb. In expressing your support in any way possible, you are empowering the families who are in the struggle to sustain a premature infant. Engaging in this endeavor will enable you to contribute to the betterment and awareness of the community regarding this regrettable issue that has the potential to impact every individual.


Year Date Day
2023 November 17 Friday
2024 November 17 Sunday
2025 November 17 Monday
2026 November 17 Tuesday
2027 November 17 Wednesday